Wonder Woman Filming Locations

Diana of Themyscira embarks on a journey into the world of men to stop Ares, the god of war, from tearing apart civilization in a terrible conflict.

Part of the DC Universe
Wonder Woman was filmed in Paris in France, London in United Kingdom, and Matera in Italy.
Show Map

Musée du Louvre

The Louvre (exterior)

Diana walks to work as a package is delivered in a Wayne Enterprises armored car.

Source: IMDb

The British Museum

The Louvre (interior)

Diana walks through the museum to her office.


Plaza San Pietro Caveoso

Themyscira Plaza

Diana runs through the market while being chased by the Amazon set to mind her.


Vico Solitario

Themyscira Street

Young Diana evades her minders and runs off to the training ground. After being recaptured she rides down the road with her mother and aunt.


Villa Cimbrone

Themyscira Grounds

Young Diana gets in trouble when watching the older Amazons train. Later, as a teenager, she trains with Antiope and they both get in trouble with Hippolyta.

Source: IMDb


Via Madonna delle Virtù (between Sant'Antonio Abate & corner)

Themyscira Tower (exterior)

Hippolyta takes Diana to the tower to show her the Amazonian artifacts.


Castel del Monte

Themyscira Tower (interior)

When Diana is a child, her mother shows her the powerful artifacts held by the Amazons. Later when she is older she breaks into the tower to steal these tools.

Source: IMDb


Valley near San Falcione

Themyscira Testing Grounds

Diana fights and defeats several Amazons as part of a test and ultimately uses her powers to defeat Antiope.


Spiaggia di Capogrosso

Themyscira Beach

Diana pulls Steve from the water and then fights with the Amazons to hold off the German attack.

Source: infoCilento


Tilbury Fort

Weapons Plant

Steve tells the story of infiltrating the German weapons facility and his near escape.


Old Square (Lincoln's Inn)

Road near Docks

Steve walks with Diana through the streets of London and explains that he needs to report in to his commanders before they can go to the front.


Stone Buildings (Lincoln's Inn)

Street to St. Paul's

Steve has to pull Diana along when she stops to look at a baby.

Source: IMDb

Australia House

Selfridge & Co. (interior)

Steve and Etta take Diana out shopping for proper clothes.

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Victoria House

Selfridge & Co. (exterior)

Diana struggles to get through the revolving door with her sword and shield before handing them off to Etta.


Sicilian Avenue

Shopping Street

Steve and Diana are walking down the street after their shopping trip when Steve notices they are being followed.

One Great George Street

Sepreme War Council

Steve takes Diana with him to the council meeting so he can turn the notebook over to his superiors.


King's Cross Station

King's Cross Station

Diana and Steve catch a train to the coast on their journey to the front.

Source: IMDb


Tilbury Terminal

English Port

Steve, Diana, and Charlie catch a boat from England to Belgium.


Lower Halstow Harbour

Belgian Dock

Diana and Steve arrive in Belgium by boat and pass a small military camp.

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Bourne Woods

Belgian Woods

The team rides through the woods on horses on their way to the German High Command.

Source: IMDb


Arundel Castle

German High Command (exterior)

Sameer helps Steve sneak into the castle where the German gala is being held so he can locate Isabel Maru.

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Hatfield House

German High Command (interior)

Steve infiltrates the German gala to talk with Isabel Maru and he sees Diana coming in on her own to kill Ludendorff.

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square

Diana and the team attend a victory celebration in the square and mourn the loss of Steve.

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