Wonder Woman Filming Locations

Diana of Themyscira embarks on a journey into the world of men to stop Ares, the god of war, from tearing apart civilization in a terrible conflict.

Part of the DC Universe

Wonder Woman was filmed in London in the United Kingdom, Matera in Italy, and Paris in France.

Vico Solitario as Themyscira Street

Young Diana evades her minders and runs off to the training ground. After being recaptured she rides down the road with her mother and aunt.

Villa Cimbrone as Themyscira Grounds

Young Diana gets in trouble when watching the older Amazons train. Later, as a teenager, she trains with Antiope and they both get in trouble with Hippolyta.

Source: IMDb

Castel del Monte as Themyscira Tower (interior)

When Diana is a child, her mother shows her the powerful artifacts held by the Amazons. Later when she is older she breaks into the tower to steal these tools.

Source: IMDb

Old Square (Lincoln's Inn) as Road near Docks

Steve walks with Diana through the streets of London and explains that he needs to report in to his commanders before they can go to the front.

Victoria House as Selfridge & Co. (exterior)

Diana struggles to get through the revolving door with her sword and shield before handing them off to Etta.

Arundel Castle as German High Command (exterior)

Sameer helps Steve sneak into the castle where the German gala is being held so he can locate Isabel Maru.

Source: IMDb