Shazam! Filming Locations

Young orphan Billy Batson gains the power to magically transform into the adult superpowered hero Shazam and finds him self in a battle with someone who wants that power for himself.

Part of the DC Universe
Shazam! was filmed in Toronto & Hamilton in Canada and Philadelphia in United States of America.
Show Map

21 Lyall Avenue

Rachel M. Batson's House

Billy visits the home of the Batson he found from the police computer but learns that the woman living there is not his mother.

Empty Lot off Commissioners Street

Chilladelphia Winter Carnival

Billy remembers losing his mom while they are out at the carnival. Later, he and his foster siblings run into the carnival to escape Sivana.


208 Dunn Avenue

Vasquez House

Rosa and Victor, Billy's new foster parents, bring him home to meet his new siblings.


Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute

Fawcett Central

Billy goes to school with his new foster siblings and after sees some other students bullying Freddy.

Source: IMDb


Greenwood Station

30th Street Station (exterior)

Billy runs away from the two bullies and down into the subway.

Bay Lower Station (TTC)

30th Street Station (interior)

Billy races into a subway train and just narrowly escapes the two bullies.


O'Hara Place

Bike Pirates Alley

Billy calls Freddy to meet him and reveals his new form in which he is stuck.


Busy Bee Food Mart

Convenience Store

Billy is trying to buy beer for himself and Freddy when a pair of guys in masks try to rob the store at gunpoint.

Source: IMDb


Philadelphia Museum of Art

Rocky Steps

Billy and Freddy sit on the famous steps looking over the city after using Billy's powers to thwart a robbery and get some snacks.

Hearn Generation Plant

Training Ground

Freddy films Billy while experimenting with his new powers.


Dynamic Funds Tower

Tall Building

Billy attempts to leap over a tall building with Freddy filming but accidentally crashes through the windows.


Coronation Park

Vending Machine

Billy uses his powers to empty out a vending machine and gets sick after drinking a dozen Dr. Peppers with Freddy.


Shuter Street & Pembroke Street

9th Street & Bristol Street

Billy saves Mary from behind run down by a snowplow and then chats with her about what is making her sad.


Fort York Boulevard (between Fleet & Angelique)


Billy saves the bus from crashing to the ground and is confronted by a superpowered enemy.

Front Street West & York Street


Freddy is walking home after leaving Billy at the bus crash when Billy flies overhead chased by Sivana.


Woodbine Mall & Fantasy Fair


Billy is thrown through the roof of the mall by Sivana and only manages to escape by transforming back into his normal self.

Source: IMDb


One Firvalley Court

Billy's Mom's Apartment

Billy walks across the bridge to the apartment where he learned that his mother lives.


Love Park

Love Park

Shazam and Sivana fight in the air over the city and knock down the William Penn statue from City Hall into the park.