Buffy the Vampire Slayer Filming Locations

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer was filmed in Los Angeles in United States of America.
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Prentice Park

From episode 1x06 "The Pack".

Source: IMDb


Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (Exposition Park)

Natural History Museum

From episode 2x04 "Inca Mummy Girl". From episode 6x09 "Smashed".

Source: IMDb


Sherman Oaks Castle Park

From episode 2x11 "Ted".

Source: IMDb


Fire Station 23

Demon Hideout (interior)

From episode 3x03 "Faith, Hope & Trick".

Source: IMDb


Angels Gate Park

From episode 3x10 "Amends".

Source: IMDb


Alfred F. Rosenheim Mansion

Frat House

From episode 4x04 "Fear Itself".

Source: IMDb


Mission San Fernando

From episode 4x08 "Pangs".

Source: IMDb


Vasquez Rocks

From episode 4x22 "Restless".

From episode 7x15 "Get It Done".

Source: IMDb


Merry-Go-Round (Griffith Park)


Riley and Dawn chat while sitting by the Merry-Go-Round. From episode 5x08 "Shadow".


Stoner Recreation Center

From episode 5x08 "Shadow". From episode 5x15 "I Was Made to Love You". From episode 6x06 "All the Way". From episode 6x11 "Gone". From episode 6x22 "Grave".

Source: IMDb


Four Aces Movie Ranch

The Scooby gang take refuge from the Knights of Byzantium. From episode 5x20 "Spiral".

Source: IMDb


Pacoima Dam

Dam (exterior)

From episode 6x15 "As You Were".

Source: IMDb


Woodley Park

From episode 6x21 "Two to Go".

Source: IMDb


Ennis House

Angel's Mansion

Where Angel lives for a while.


El Pueblo Apartments

Giles' Apartment

Source: IMDb