Arrested Development Filming Locations

The story of the dysfunctional Bluth family's fall from grace when their patriarch is arrested for financial crimes.

Arrested Development was filmed in Los Angeles in United States of America.
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Michael picks up a suit here in his effort to impress Marta in episode 1x12 "Marta Complex".


Culver Hotel


Michael has drinks with Maggie Lizer in episode 1x17 "Justice Is Blind".


Michael meets Kitty because she claims to have important information regarding the company in episode 1x18 "Missing Kitty".


Panini Coffee And Cafe


Michael and Oscar have coffee in episode 1x20 "Whistler's Mother".


Coffee Connection


Kitty calls a meeting with the Bluth brothers in episode 1x22 "Let 'Em Eat Cake".


Veluzat Motion Picture Ranch


George Sr. is hiding in a Mexican town in episode 2x03 "¡Amigos!".


Shell Station

Gas Station

Michael and Maeby run into Oscar on his walk to Berkeley in episode 2x06 "Afternoon Delight".


Beverly Hills City Hall


The Bluth brothers have a fight on the courthouse lawn in episode 2x18 "Righteous Brothers".

Source: Derek Traub


RMS Queen Mary

RMS Queen Mary

The Bluths throw a party on the Queen Mary. When they notice the SEC police boats, Lucille tries to take this docked boat to sea in episode 3x13 "Development Arrested".


Blue Cloud Movie Ranch

Iraqi Village

From episode 3x12 "Exit Strategy".


Los Angeles Airport Marriott

Convention Center

Lindsay drops Marky Bark off at the convention center hosting a Herbert Love rally.


Occidental College

UC Irvine

George-Michael Bluth tells his dad about his plans to make a social media website.

Source: LA Times


Hollywood Burbank Airport

India Airport

Tobias and Lindsay switch bags at the India baggage claim.

OutWest Airlines

Michael Bluth tries to get a copy of Altitude in flight magazine.


The Century Plaza

Herbert Love at the Obie Awards

Many character's stories intertwine in the lobby of the Century Plaza Hotel.


University High School


The school George Michael and Maeby attend.



Bluth Banana Stand