Spider-Man: Homecoming Filming Locations

Peter Parker is trying to find his place as a superhero while dealing with high school when he identifies someone selling dangerous alien weaponry to criminals.

Part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

See also: Far From Home.

Spider-Man: Homecoming was filmed in Berlin in Germany and New York, Atlanta, & Washington D.C. in United States of America.
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715-741 Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard Southwest

Toomes's Hideout (exterior)

Adrian Toomes lands at his hideout using his flying suit and later Peter tracks him to the warehouse.


Atlanta Regional Airport - Falcon Field

Stark Industries Airfield

Peter catches a plane with Happy to Berlin.


Berlin Tegel Airport

Berlin Airport

Peter records himself in the airport after arriving in Berlin.


Brandenburger Tor

Brandenburger Tor

Peter films himself while sightseeing in Berlin.


Mandarin Oriental

Berlin Hotel

Peter records a video of himself in a hotel in Berlin before the fight with Captain America.


43-25 43rd Street

Peter's Apartment

Tony drops Peter off outside his apartment after their time in Berlin and later Peter scales the side of his building after he loses his clothes.


Franklin K. Lane High School

Midtown High School of Science & Technology (exterior)

Peter runs to school in the morning and later runs out on his way to his "internship".


Henry W. Grady High School

Midtown High School of Science & Technology (interior)

Peter goes through the school day waiting for it to end so he can go on patrol.


Fairlie Street Northwest (between Marietta & Walton)

Crash Video

Peter watches a video of himself saving a bus from a car crash as Spider-Man.


Capitol City Bank

Delmar's Deli-Grocery

Peter grabs a sandwich at the best sandwich place in Queens before heading off on patrol. Later, the bodega is destroyed by the weapon of the people robbing the ATM across the street.


31st Street (between 23rd Avenue & Ditmars)

Queens Street

Peter runs across the street after getting his sandwich at the bodega.


Alley (south of Fairlie, west of Luckie)


Peter ducks into an alley to change into his suit and when he returns he finds his backpack missing.


44-01 Queen Boulevard

Hopping Rooftops

Peter swings up to a rooftop at the start of his patrol.




Peter stops a bike thief and leaves a note when he can't find the owner of the bike.


Queens Boulevard & Roosevelt Avenue

Corner with Tracks

Peter swings near the street during his patrol.


Astoria Boulevard Station

Astoria Boulevard Station

Peter swings past people waiting at the subway station.


Subway Tracks (between Court Square & Hunters Point)

Riding Train

Peter rides on top of a subway car.


Jamaica Avenue & 117th Street

Hot Dog Cart

Peter talks to some guys by a hot dog stand from a nearby rooftop.


64 Broad Street Southwest

Water Tower

Peter balances on a line of web running to a water tower.


Alley (south of Queens, west of 39th)

Swinging in Alley

Peter swings through an alley.


Plymouth Hall Condo

Fire Escape

Peter sits on a fire escape after an afternoon's patrol and eats his sandwich before almost dropping his phone.


Peachtree Professional Centre

Queens Community Bank

Peter spots a group of criminals in Avengers masks robbing an ATM across from the bodega and attempts to thwart them.


233 Mitchell Street

Prachya Thai

May takes Peter out for Thai food.


229 Little John Trail Northeast

Liz's House

Peter and Ned attend a party thrown by Liz and later Peter returns to pick her up for Homecoming.


Park Drive Bridge (Piedmont Park)


Peter comes upon two of Toomes's goons demonstrating some weapons for Aaron Davis and interrupts the sale.


Lionel Lane Northeast (between Friar Tuck & Montgomery Ferry)

Street Corner

Peter is dragged behind the van around the neighborhood.


230 Robin Hood Road Northeast


Peter chases after the van and jumps over the roof of a house.


The Hindu Temple of Atlanta

Hindu Temple

Tony talks to Peter through the suit while at a temple in India.


Red Top Mountain Road Southeast (between Old Alabama & I-75)


The team heads south for the Academic Decathlon in Washington D.C. and Peter rides on the back of truck to get there in time to save his friends.


Embassy Suites by Hilton Atlanta Perimeter Center

Washington D.C. Hotel

Peter sneaks away from the team at the hotel they are staying at the night before the tournament.


Georgia World Congress Center

Damage Control Warehouse

Peter catches a ride on top of a truck leaving the Damage Control facility and tries to get in touch with his friends to warn them.


Washington Monument

Washington Monument

Michelle waits outside while the rest of the team ride up inside the monument.


23rd Street Southwest (between Lincoln Memorial & Independence)

Riding Bus

Peter swings onto a bus and rides it through D.C..


Reflecting Pool

Reflecting Pool

Peter runs through surprised tourists towards the Washington Monument.


17th Street Northwest (between Constitution & Independence)

Crossing Street

Peter attaches his backpack to a tree while running to rescue his friends.


Staten Island Ferry Whitehall Terminal

Staten Island Ferry Terminal

Peter leaps onto the ferry to watch the gun deal go down.


Jamaica Avenue & 118th Street

99ยข Store

Adrian Toomes drives Peter and Liz to the dance.


Jamaica Avenue & Lefferts Boulevard


Toomes chats with Peter while stopped at a light on the way to the dance.


Auburn Avenue Northeast & Jesse Hill Jr. Drive Northeast

Driving around Corner

Peter drives around a corner in Flash's car.


Auburn Avenue Northeast (between Bell & Fort)


Peter drives Flash's car through town while chasing after Toomes.


Luna Park


Peter sits atop a roller coaster and watches emergency services arrive at the plane crash.


Porsche Experience Center

New Avengers HQ

Tony invites Peter up to the Avengers headquarters to offer him a place on the team but Peter declines.