Life Sentence Filming Locations

Stella Abbott is all prepared to die after a years-long battle with cancer when she learns that her disease was cured and now she learns of all the sacrifices her family made for her.

Life Sentence was filmed in Vancouver & Montreal in Canada and Conyers in United States of America.
Show Map

Rue le Royer O (between Saint-Dizier & Saint-Sulpice)

Paris Alley

Stella and Wes walk hand-in-hand and kiss in Paris in pilot episode.


Le Petit Dep

Le Petit Dep

Stella and Wes make out in a store while eating a small meal in pilot episode.


Awake Coffee Community

Cake Shop

Stella and Wes shop for cakes for Stella's funeral in pilot episode.


Place Jacques-Cartier

Paris Square

Wes and Stella get some food from a street vendor in the evening in pilot episode.


Oxford College Quad (Oxford College)

Asheville University Quad

Stella walks to her father's office at the university in pilot episode.


Prom Père Marquette

Paris Park

Wes proposes to Stella on a bridge in a snow-covered park in pilot episode.


401 Rue Bonsecours


Wes spins around a light pole and then hugs Stella as they leave dinner in pilot episode.


Place Royale & Rue Stain-Paul O

Paris Street

Stella bumps into Wes in the street while visiting Paris in pilot episode.


Rue Saint Paul Est (between Bonsecours & Saint-Claude)

Paris Street

Stella chases Wes down the street while laughing in pilot episode.


Panorama Park


Stella talks with her siblings about what they have been protecting her from and Aiden runs into Marlene in episode 1x02 "Re-Inventing the Abbotts".


East Columbia Street (between Braid & Cedar)


Stella rides her scooter through town while thinking about the changes in her life in episode 1x02 "Re-Inventing the Abbotts".

East Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital)

Lone Pine Hospital

Stella works at her new volunteer position at the hospital when she realizes that Sadie doesn't have anyone to avocate for her in episode 1x03 "Clinical Trial and Error". Stella visits Sadie and commiserates with her about bad hospital food in episode 1x04 "How Stella Got Her Groove On".


Ida and Paul eat ice cream while watching their grandchildren play at a picnic in episode 1x04 "How Stella Got Her Groove On".


Bar None Nightclub

Forty Four Park Hotel (interior)

Stella attends the party with Dr. Grant to convince the Roger Shaw to fund the drug trial while Wes goes to the bar with Paul to pick up girls in episode 1x03 "Clinical Trial and Error".


The Met Hotel

Forty Four Park Hotel (exterior)

Stella calls Wes to check in on the kids and later Paul flirts with Lauren the concierge outside in episode 1x03 "Clinical Trial and Error".

Canadian Motion Picture Park Backlot

Every Iconic Coffee Shop Name Was Already Taken

Finley tells Stella to focus on her job after she is repeatedly visited by family in episode 1x02 "Re-Inventing the Abbotts". Wes walks Stella to work and then she notices a help wanted sign on the door in episode 1x04 "How Stella Got Her Groove On".

Henry Esson Young Building (Riverview Hospital)

Asheville University Classroom

Stella confronts her father about her fake high school diploma in episode 1x04 "How Stella Got Her Groove On".


1251 Dunlop Avenue

Marlene's House

Stella drops her brother off to see Marlene and later he throws a BBQ to announce their engagement in episode 1x04 "How Stella Got Her Groove On".