The Big Lebowski Filming Locations

The Big Lebowski was filmed in Los Angeles in United States of America.
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Greystone Mansion

Lebowski Mansion

Used for the interiors of the Lebowski Mansion.


Dinah's Family Restaurant

where they eat lingonberry pancakes


Johnie's Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop

Coffee shop where The Dude and Walter discuss Bunny's toe.


Palace Theatre

Maude Lebowski's Loft

Maude Lebowski's loft was filmed above the Palace Theatre.


Sunken City


The Dude and Walter attempt to spread Donny's ashes into the ocean.


606 Venezia Avenue

The Dude's Abode

Source: IMDb


Santa Monica Airport

"Bowling Dance Dream" Hanger

Source: IMDb


10231 Charing Cross Road

Lebowski Mansion (exterior)

Source: IMDb


1824 Stearns Drive

Little Larry's House

Source: IMDb