Bumblebee Filming Locations

Charlie, a teenager mourning the loss of her father, fixes up an beat-up old VW Beetle she found in a junkyard a discovers a new friend on the run from an intergalactic war.

Part of the Transformers series
Bumblebee was filmed in San Francisco in United States of America.
Show Map

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

Bumblebee drives past a familiar looking truck and into the distance disguised as a Camaro.


Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk


Charlie spills drinks on a popular guy while working her job at the boardwalk and Memo works up the courage to ask her out from the nearby churro stand.


Battery Spencer (Golden Gate National Recreation Area)

View of Golden Gate Bridge

Charlie says goodbye to Bumblebee and watches as he transforms into a Camaro before driving off.


Santa Cruz Wharf


Charlie bikes down the wharf on her way to the carnival.


Rodeo Beach (Golden Gate National Recreation Area)


Charlie trains Bee to transform quickly to avoid discovery.


Dry Dock #1 (Mare Island Naval Shipyard)

Dry Dock

Charlie and Bumblebee track the Decepticons to the shipyard where they fight to stop them from using a transmitter tower to contact their fleet.