Bumblebee Filming Locations

Charlie, a teenager mourning the loss of her father, fixes up a beat-up old VW Beetle she found in a junkyard a discovers a new friend on the run from an intergalactic war.

Part of the Transformers series
Bumblebee was filmed in Los Angeles, Vallejo, Santa Cruz, San Rafael, & San Francisco in United States of America.

Pipeline Road (Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park)

Training Forest

Agent Burns's training is interrupted when Bumblebee crashes into the forest and he has his men give chase.


Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Brighton Falls Boardwalk

Charlie spills drinks on a popular guy while working her job at the boardwalk and Memo works up the courage to ask her out from the nearby churro stand.


Santa Cruz Wharf


Charlie bikes down the wharf on her way to the carnival.


Lot off South Seaside Avenue

Hank's Marine Repair and Parts (lot)

Charlie searches through old boats for spare parts to repair her car and stumbles upon a yellow VW Beetle under a tarp.


Empty Lot off Via Montebello

Charlie's Home

Charlie brings the abandoned VW Beatle home and works on restoring it in her garage.


39 San Marino Drive

Memo's Home

Memo notices Charlie across the street and later sees some strange disturbance in her garage.


Rodeo Beach (Golden Gate National Recreation Area)


Charlie trains Bee to transform quickly to avoid discovery.


120th Street West (between Avenue F & Avenue F 8)

Desert Roadblock

Dropkick and Shatter run into a military roadblock and decide to make up a story to become temporary allies with the humans.

Source: KFTV


Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park


Charlie walks with Bee through the forest and discovers a message from Optimus Prime.


West Ridgecrest Road & Laurel Dell Road

Mountain Road

Charlie ties Memo's shirt around her eyes to show how Bee can drive himself.


Conzelman Road (near Headlands Lookout)

Coast Road

Charlie and Memo are driving down the coast when Charlie realizes Bumblebee is attempting to use the radio to communicate.


Mendell Road Parking Lot

Cliff Overlook

Charlie and Memo find a group of kids from school partying on the cliff and Bee volunteers Charlie to leap off the cliff.


Mt. Hollywood Drive Vista (Griffith Park)

Dark Road

Bumblebee is chased by a police car for speeding and dodges around a truck carrying bales of hay.


Mt. Hollywood Drive Tunnel (Griffith Park)


A police car chases Charlie, Memo, and Bee down a tunnel.


Hoover Dam

Section 7 Headquarters

Shatter and Dropkick drive out of the Section 7 base followed by several military vehicles.


Georgia Street (between Marin & Sonoma)


Shatter and Dropkick drive through the town after Bumblebee's energon signature is detected.

Source: SFGate


Mt. Hollywood Drive (hairpin turn)


Charlie and Memo come upon a roadblock run by Agent Burns at a military roadblock and forced out of Bumblebee.


Building 51 (LGB)

Sector 7 Base (hanger)

Charlie and Memo break into the base where Bumblebee is being held and find him being attacked by the Decepticons.


Boeing C-17 Factory (LGB)

Sector 7 Base (gate)

Charlie and Bumblebee race across the base and crash through the gate followed by two trucks of soldiers.


Dry Dock #1 (Mare Island Naval Shipyard)

Dry Dock

Charlie and Bumblebee track the Decepticons to the shipyard where they fight to stop them from using a transmitter tower to contact their fleet.


Battery Spencer (Golden Gate National Recreation Area)

View of Golden Gate Bridge

Charlie says goodbye to Bumblebee and watches as he transforms into a Camaro before driving off.


Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

Bumblebee drives past a familiar looking truck and into the distance disguised as a Camaro.