Bumblebee Filming Locations

Charlie, a teenager mourning the loss of her father, fixes up a beat-up old VW Beetle she found in a junkyard a discovers a new friend on the run from an intergalactic war.

Part of the Transformers series

Bumblebee was filmed in Los Angeles, Santa Cruz, San Rafael, Vallejo, & San Francisco in the United States of America.

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk as Brighton Falls Boardwalk

Charlie spills drinks on a popular guy while working her job at the boardwalk and Memo works up the courage to ask her out from the nearby churro stand.

Hoover Dam as Section 7 Headquarters

Shatter and Dropkick drive out of the Section 7 base followed by several military vehicles.

Building 51 (LGB) as Sector 7 Base (hanger)

Charlie and Memo break into the base where Bumblebee is being held and find him being attacked by the Decepticons.