Movies Filmed at Mt. Hollywood Drive Tunnel

Part of Griffith Park
Mt Hollywood Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027, USA

A tunnel running under Mt. Hollywood Trail in Griffith Park.

Nearby Locations
Griffith Observatory from Lucifer and 37 other movies.
586 m

Mt. Hollywood Drive Vista from Lucifer and 2 other movies.
602 m

Greek Theatre from Get Him to the Greek and 2 other movies.
629 m

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Griffith Park Tunnel

The Runaways chase Mike on a Bike through the Griffith Park tunnel in episode 2x01 "Gimmie Shelter".

Back to the Future Part II

River Road Tunnel [1955]

Marty rides his hoverboard to try and get the almanac back from Biff.

Agent Carter

Griffith Park Tunnel

Peggy and Jason drive through the tunnel while being followed by bad guys in episode 2x02 "A View in the Dark".

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Entrance to Toontown



A police car chases Charlie, Memo, and Bee down a tunnel.