Movies Filmed at Mt. Hollywood Drive Vista

Part of Griffith Park
Mt Hollywood Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90068, USA
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Tank 116 from Runaways
338 m

Bronson Canyon from The Virginian and 19 other movies.
446 m

Mt. Hollywood Drive Tunnel from You're the Worst and 6 other movies.
602 m

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Griffith Park

Lucifer finds Tyson Crawford stealing a car and terrifies him into coming into the station in episode 3x04 "What Would Lucifer Do?". From episode 3x18 "The Last Heartbreak".


The Hostel (gate)

While chasing Mike on a Bike over a hilltop to recover the Fistigons, Karolina falls through a skylight into a strange buried mansion in episode 2x01 "Gimmie Shelter". Jonah instructs Karolina in how to control her powers without the bracelet. Later, Gert watches as Chase tries to hook the mansion up to the power grid in episode 2x02 "Radio On". After waiting awhile for Karolina, Leslie tells Jonah that their daughter tricked them to lure them away in episode 2x07 "Last Rites".


Dark Road

Bumblebee is chased by a police car for speeding and dodges around a truck carrying bales of hay.