Through Black Spruce Filming Locations

A young Cree woman travels south to Toronto to search for her missing sister while her uncle deals with the fallout of the disappearance back home.

Through Black Spruce was filmed in Toronto & Moosonee in Canada.
Show Map

Moosonee Station

Moosonee Station

Will sees Annie off on the train to Toronto.

Yonge-Dundas Square

Yonge-Dundas Square

Eva and Annie take photos together after arriving in Toronto.


Pape Avenue Pedestrian Bridge

Pedestrian Bridge

Annie and Eva talk while crossing the tracks after visiting Suzanne's last known address.


Gerrard Street East (between Carlaw & Pape)


Annie and Eva are walking down a street when Leo calls out to Annie thinking she is Suzanne.


Lower Don River Trail Bridge

Pedestrian Bridge over River

Annie walks across the bridge at night seeking out Leo.


Grassy Lot (at Villers & Don)

Goose Feast

Annie talks to Leo about Suzanne while sharing a meal of goose.

Thompson Hotel

The Palmer Agency

Annie speaks to Suzanne's former agent to learn about what happened after she was fired.



Liquor Store

Will buys a bottle and is asked by a police officer not to carry his gun inside the store.


Ferguson Road Bridge


Will is surrounded by Marius and a few of his goons who spotted him talking to the liquor store but he manages to scare them off with his rifle.


Airport Road (between Seventh & David Wayne)

Polar Princess

Will sets himself up in an abandoned boat and waits to shoot Marius when he drives past.


Shoppers Drug Mart - Yonge & King


Annie buys a stamp and mails the postcard Suzanne left behind before heading out to the bar with her new friends.


Rooftop Bar

Annie is getting drinks with her friends before dinner with Jesse and Danny hears about the postcard from Suzanne.