Movies Filmed at Thompson Hotel

550 Wellington Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 2V5, Canada
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Thompson Diner from Orphan Black
45 m

Lavelle from The Bold Type and 1 other movie.
95 m

Zed Lofts from Nikita
96 m

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Orphan Black

Katja's Hotel

Sarah impersonates Katja at her hotel to get ahold of her briefcase in episode 1x02 "Instinct".

The Umbrella Academy

Meritech Prosthetics (interior)

Number Five visit the company that manufactured the prosthetic eye he found in the future but is turned away without the information he needs in episode 1x02 "Run Boy Run".

Through Black Spruce

The Palmer Agency

Annie speaks to Suzanne's former agent to learn about what happened after she was fired.