Moon Knight Filming Locations

Strange things happen to Steven Grant when he sleeps, but things take a rapid turn when he awakens in a strange country and encounters a dangerous cult leader.

Part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Moon Knight was filmed in Budapest & Szentendre in Hungary, London in the United Kingdom, and in Slovenia.

Szépművészeti Múzeum

National Art Gallery

Steven Grant heads into the museum where he works in the gift shop and finds he has no memory of an upcoming date with a coworker in episode 1x01 “The Goldfish Problem”. Steven returns to work to find the place wrecked after the night before, but none of the security footage shows his attacker in episode 1x02 “Summon the Suit”.

Source: Wikipedia

Zgornji Čačič


Steven drives the stolen cupcake truck down a series of switchbacks while being chased by several vehicles carrying cult members in episode 1x01 “The Goldfish Problem”.

Egry József u. 2

Central London Storage (exterior)

Steven searches for the storage unit that is opened by the key he found in his apartment and after fleeing is nearly run down by Layla in episode 1x02 “Summon the Suit”.

Fő tér Square

Town Square

Steven tries to blend in with the crowd gathering in the square and witnesses a cult leader performing an odd ceremony in episode 1x01 “The Goldfish Problem”.

17 Asbóth Utca

Steven's Flat

Steven squeezes past a street market that has set up shop in front of his flat and then runs after the bus to work in episode 1x01 “The Goldfish Problem”.