Ms. Marvel Filming Locations

Kamala Khan, Captain Marvel's biggest fan, finds herself thrown to new heights when she unexpectedly gains powers.

Part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Ms. Marvel was filmed in Atlanta in the United States of America and Bangkok in Thailand.

185 Mitchell Street Southwest

Circle Q

Kamala meets up with Bruno at the store as he is finishing up the painting of her cosplay in episode 1x01 “Generation Why”. Kamala works on her powers with Bruno and later Kamran drops them and their friends off after the party in episode 1x02 “Crushed”. Yusuf comes to the store for some Fruit Pies while Bruno is investigating jinn in episode 1x03 “Destined”.

Appears in 2 additional episodes.
Time and Again

Kamran hits a DODC drone outside Bruno's window causing it to blow up the store below.

No Normal

Agent Deever orders a city-wide manhunt for Kamran after inspecting the destruction of the Circle Q.

The Fox Theatre

Jersey City Mosque (exterior)

Kamala talks Nakia into running for the mosque board and later everyone celebrates Eid in the parking lot behind the mosque in episode 1x02 “Crushed”. Agent Deever and the DODC agents try to search the mosque in episode 1x03 “Destined”. Bruno takes Kamram to the mosque to hide out but soon Damage Control arrives in episode 1x06 “No Normal”.

11 Howell Street Northeast

Khan House

Kamala tells Bruno her plan to sneak out for Avengercon but when the time actually comes things don't go quite to plan in episode 1x01 “Generation Why”. Sheikh Abdullah finds Kamala sitting on the porch during the pre-wedding party and talks to her about the new hero in episode 1x03 “Destined”. Yusuf joins Kamala on the roof outside her window and inspires her superhero name in episode 1x06 “No Normal”.

Fulton County Schools Instructional Technology Center

Coles Academic High School (interior)

Kamala deals with the trials and tribulations of high school while planning for Avengercon with Bruno in episode 1x01 “Generation Why”. Zoe brags about her superhero encounter, Bruno gets some big news, and Kamala has trouble reining in her powers in episode 1x02 “Crushed”. Kamala's friends and brother team up to prevent the DODC from capturing Kamran in episode 1x06 “No Normal”.

Krishna Life Temple and Monastery

Jersey City Mosque (interior)

Kamala and Nakia bemoan the poorly maintained women's side of the mosque and Nakia decides to run for the open position on mosque board in episode 1x02 “Crushed”. Agent Deever and the DODC agents try to search the mosque but Nakia scares them off. Later, Aamir and Tyesha get married in episode 1x03 “Destined”. Sheikh Abdullah and the other members of the mosque delay the DODC agents while Nakia hides Kamran and Bruno in episode 1x06 “No Normal”.

Lot beside Auburn & Jesse Hill Jr.

Coles Academic High School (parking lot)

Bruno approaches Kamala as they leave school for practice but she says she is heading off to drive with Kamran in episode 1x02 “Crushed”. The DODC agents gather in a parking lot across from the school and soon bystanders arrive summoned by Zoe's call for help in episode 1x06 “No Normal”.

LAZ Parking

Jersey City Lot

Kamala and Bruno talk about ways to enhance her cosplay while biking through town in episode 1x01 “Generation Why”. Bruno supervises Kamala's physical training in episode 1x02 “Crushed”.

Marriott Marquis

Wedding Party Venue (hall)

Everyone celebrates Aamir and Tyesha's marriage but things are interrupted when Kamran arrives to warn Kamala about his family in episode 1x03 “Destined”.

Yumm Teriyaki

Bombay Spice

Kamala is out with Kamran after her driving practice when she spots Aamir and his fiancée Tyesha outside the window in episode 1x02 “Crushed”.