Kick-Ass Filming Locations

This hyper-violent comic book adaptation follows a high school student who decides to put on a costume to fight crime and a father & daughter who are on a crusade for revenge.

Kick-Ass was filmed in Toronto & Hamilton in Canada, London in United Kingdom, and New York in United States of America.
Show Map

Royal Bank Plaza

Jumping off Building

An unnamed superhero jumps off a building and crashes into a cab at the start of the film.

Source: Torontoist

Sir Winston Churchill School

Millard Fillmore High School

Dave and his friends attend high school.

32 Keith Street

Dave's House (exterior)

Dave lives with his father and parks his bike out front.

Source: Filmap

Parking Lot (off King William Street)

Capri Pizza Lot

Dave and Todd are mugged in a parking lot, and later Kick-Ass attempts stop a car theft and is beaten terribly.

Source: Filmap


Former 30 Ordnance Street

Frank's Lumber Supplies (exterior)

Frank D'Amico performs unsavory interrogations in his lumber warehouse.

Scotiabank Theatre Toronto

Movie Theater

Chris and his father go into a movie while Dave and his friends walk friends walk out past them.

Source: Torontoist


Beckton Sewage Works

Concrete Basin

Damon Macready shoots Mindy to demonstrate her bulletproof vest.


All Star Lanes Bayswater

Bowling Alley

Mindy and her father eat a meal at a bowling alley.

Source: Torontoist

Perry Lane (south of Queen, west of Portland)

Practice Alley

Kick-Ass attempt to jump the distance of the alley before heading up to the roof.

Source: Torontoist

165 Bathurst Street

Jumping Rooftops

Kick-Ass attempts to jump between two roofs but chickens out at the last moment.

Mary Street (between King William Street & King Street East)

Hit by Car

Kick-Ass is hit by a car after being stabbed in the parking lot.


London County Hall

Casparin Building

The entrance to Frank D'Amico's building.

Yonge Street (between Gerrard & Elm)

Driving with Hit Girl

Hit Girl drives Kick-Ass back to her apartment after rescuing him.

Cat Search

Kick-Ass asks people on the street if they have seen the missing cat.

Former Dip 'n Sip Donuts

Dip 'n Sip

Dave is filmed fighting a group of guys in front of a donut shop.

Source: Filmap

Richmond Street West & University Avenue

Spotting Impersonator

Frank D'Amico spots Kick-Ass walking in front of his car while he waits at a red light.

Richmond Street West & Simcoe Street

Following Impersonator

Frank D'Amico follows a Kick-Ass impersonator down the street.

Source: Torontoist

Alley (south of Queen, west of Simcoe)

Kick-Ass Impersonator Killed

Frank D'Amico murders a Kick-Ass impersonator in an alley.

Source: Torontoist

The Underground

Red Mist Interview

Red Mist is interviewed on the news after apprehending some of his father's more expendable gang members.

Alley (south of King William, west of Hughson)

Kick-Ass meets Red Mist

Kick-Ass waits in an alley to meet Red Mist and is shown the Mist-mobile.

Yonge Street (between Elm & Edward)

Driving with Red Mist

Kick-Ass rides with Red Mist after they meet for the first time.

Source: Torontoist


West 45th Street & 7th Avenue (Times Square)

Red Mist Fans

Kick-Ass waves at some fans while driving around with Red Mist.


West 42nd Street & 7th Avenue

Driving Away

The Mist-mobile drives down the street after passing some fans.


Empire Fulton Ferry (Brooklyn Bridge Park)

Waterfront Meeting

Kick-Ass meets Red Mist under the bridge.

CN Railway Police Building

Safe House B

Kick-Ass is lured into a trap with by Red Mist.

Source: Torontoist