Movies Filmed at Empire Fulton Ferry

Part of Brooklyn Bridge Park
5183 Water Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA

Empire Fulton Ferry is a small park situated on the waterfront just to the east of Brooklyn Bridge. The small park was original its own state park, but in 2010 was incorporated into the existing Brooklyn Bridge Park to the west.

Nearby Locations
Grimaldi's Pizzeria from Law & Order
176 m

Fulton Ferry Landing from Splash and 1 other movie.
193 m

8 Old fulton Street from Married to the Mob
213 m

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Show Map

Doctor Who

TARDIS Parking

Amy and the Doctor return to the TARDIS in order travel to where Rory was taken in episode 7x05 "The Angels Take Manhattan".

Person of Interest

Meeting near Bridge

Fusco and Carter meet with Finch in the park and he tells them about Kara in episode 2x13 "Dead Reckoning".

Kick-Ass 2

Hacksaw Interview

A superhero with two hacksaws is interviewed by the news.


Waterfront Meeting

Kick-Ass meets Red Mist under the bridge.



Emily Connor and Adam Harris kiss while riding the carousel in the video of their final happy day together in episode 2x02 "Already Gone".

13 Going on 30


Wake Up