Movies Filmed at Yonge Street (between Gerrard & Elm)

Yonge Street & Gerrard Street West, Toronto, ON M5B, Canada
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Elm Street & Yonge Street from Kick-Ass 2
52 m

Yonge Street (between Elm & Edward) from Kick-Ass and 1 other movie.
109 m

Former World's Biggest Bookstore from Short Circuit 2
157 m

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Kick-Ass 2

Group Patrol

The newly formed super-group walks down the street together.


Driving with Hit Girl

Hit Girl drives Kick-Ass back to her apartment after rescuing him.

Cat Search

Kick-Ass asks people on the street if they have seen the missing cat.

Suicide Squad


The Joker and Harley Quinn erratically drive a pink car down the road.


Driving to Hospital

Jaye drives to the hospital with Sharon in the backseat with Thomas who is having an allergic reaction in episode 1x01 "Wax Lion".