Gattaca Filming Locations

A naturally born individual struggles against the system and his genetically modified peers to achieve his dream of traveling to space.

Gattaca was filmed in Los Angeles & San Rafael in United States of America.
Show Map

Classroom/Laboratory/Administration Building (Cal Poly Pomona)

Jerome's Apartment

Exterior of the apartment shared by Vincent and Jerome throughout the film.

Source: IMDb


Marin County Civic Center


Vincent works at Gattaca, a space exploration agency.


Dockweiler Beach


Vincent is conceived in the backseat of a 1971 Buick Riviera.


Culver City High School


Vincent's parents are told he can't play on the playground with other kids for insurance reasons.

Source: IMDb

Middle School


Leo Carrillo State Beach

Rocky Beach

Vincent and Anton swim out into the ocean as little kids.


Los Angeles Theatre

Fancy Hall

Vincent goes out to dinner with one of his coworkers and later returns on a date with Irene that gets interrupted by a police raid.


LA Forum

DNA Testing Center

Irene takes one of Vincent's hairs to be tested.


Sepulveda Dam Spillway

Arched Walkway

Irene tells Jerome about her heart condition and offers him one of her hairs.

Source: IMDb


Los Angeles City Hall

Twelve-Fingered Pianist Concert

Irene and Vincent listen to a twelve-fingered pianist perform on their first date.


2nd Street Tunnel

Checkpoint in Tunnel

On their date, Irene and Vincent are stopped a police checkpoint and forced to undergo a DNA test.


Kramer Junction Solar Electric Generating Station

Solar Farm

Irene takes Vincent to see the sunrise over the solar farm after their date.


Alley (south of 7th, wets of Broadway)

Behind the Hall

As Vincent and Irene are leaving their dinner they are confronted by a police officer who Vincent knocks out.


33608 Pacific Coast Highway

Irene's House

Vincent spends the night in Irene's bed.


Otis College of Art and Design

Police Department

Anton parks his car outside the police building after learning that the killer has been caught.

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