Movies Filmed at Los Angeles Theatre

615 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90014, USA

This 2,000-seat venue was constructed in 1931 as an ornate movie palace. It was designed by S. Charles Lee & Samuel Tilden Norton in the French Baroque style with a grand central staircase in the lobby surrounded by opulent decorations. The theater opened with the premiere of Charlie Chaplin's City Lights in January of 1931. The venue closed doors to the public in 1994, but is still used for special events and filming.

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Vincent goes out to dinner with one of his coworkers and later returns on a date with Irene that gets interrupted by a police raid.

Mad Men

Opera House

Don and Betty talk to Jim Hobart during the intermission of Fiorello! in episode 1x09 “Shoot”.

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The kung-fu movie star version of Evelyn reunites with Waymond at the movie premiere shot in the historic Los Angeles Theatre.



You can see the Los Angeles Theatre with the marquee advertising the fictional "Maid's Off"