Movies Filmed at Aja Tan Studios

1600 Railway Street, North Vancouver, BC V7J 1B7, Canada
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Termel Industries from Romeo Must Die and 1 other movie.
111 m

Shore near Railway Street from Psych
149 m

Lynnwood Marina from The Flash and 3 other movies.
281 m

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The Fringe team investigates a bunch of bodies that have washed ashore in episode #209 "Snakehead".


P Street Heliport

Nicholas Tanz is arrested before he can board his helicopter to flee the country in episode 2x10 “Prisoners”.

The InBetween

Council Bar

Cassie has a vision of a man in black without a face locking her in a coffin in episode 1x04 “Kiss Them for Me”. Cassie enters the bar to find a tree growing in the bar with a demon trying to escape in episode 1x05 “Another Broken Morning”. Cassie gets a visit from an old high school friend who hopes to get in contact with her dead fiancé in episode 1x06 “The Length of a River”.

Appears in 6 additional episodes.
Let Me in Your Window

Cassie meets a new bartender at work who gives her an ill-feeling.

While the Song Remains the Same

Cassie is leaving the bar at night when she has a vision of being stabbed to death by a hooded figure.

The Devil's Refugee

Cassie sees a vision of a young woman dancing on the porch who asks for help finding her.

Also appears in Pilot, “Made of Stone”, & “Where the Shadows Fall”.