Movies Filmed at Aja Tan Studios

1600 Railway Street, North Vancouver, BC V7J 1B7, Canada
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Termel Industries from Romeo Must Die
111 m

Shore near Railway Street from Psych
149 m

Allied Shipbuilders Dock from The Flash and 1 other movie.
219 m

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The 100


Marcus marvels at Polis when the crew arrives for the negotiations in episode #303 "Ye Who Enter Here". Lexa battles Roan in episode #304 "Watch the Thrones". Octavia talks Indra out of her funk in episode #307 "Thirteen". Roan escorts Clarke into town to draw Ontari out in episode #315 "Perverse Instantiation, Part 1".


Limo under Bridge

Thea gets into Merlyn's limo in a flashback to right after the attack on the city in episode #303 "Corto Maltese".



The Fringe team investigates a bunch of bodies that have washed ashore in episode #209 "Snakehead".

TRON: Legacy

Sam Flynn's House

Sam Flynn's arrives at home and is visited by Alan Bradley.

Good Luck Chuck

Sex in Loft

Dark Angel

Trailer Park

Tinga is chased by Lydecker's team before being saved by Max and Zach at the end of episode #112 "The Kidz Are Aiight".

The King of Fighters


Final Battle


Pulled from River

Frank's car is pulled from the river with his body in episode #101 "Pilot".