Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol Filming Locations

Ethan Hunt heads out for another mission when IMF is shut down and he and his team are forced to go rogue.

Part of the Mission: Impossible series

See also: I, II, III, Rogue Nation, & Fallout.

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol was filmed in Prague in Czechia, Vancouver in Canada, and Dubai in United Arab Emirates.
Show Map

Prague Main Railway Station

Budapest Train Station (terminal)

Hanaway acquires and eliminates his target before his cover is blown.



Budapest Train Station (rooftop)

IMF agent Hanaway is killed during an operation in Budapest at the start of the film.

Vancouver Block

Budapest Train Station (clock tower)

Benji runs down the stairs inside the clock tower after learning that Hanaway's cover had been blown.


Mladá Boleslav District Court

Russian Prison

The Russian prison where Ethan Hunt is held at the beginning of the movie. Exterior shots were filmed here, but I don't know if the prison interiors were filmed here.

Source: Denik.cz


Prague Old Sewage Cleaning Station

Tunnels under Russian Prison

Ethan Hunt's team helps him escape prison through the tunnels underneath.

Source: Czech Film Commission (archived)


North Fraser Way (between Tillicum & Wiggins)

Russian Road

The team drives down this road after breaking Ethan Hunt out of a Russian prison near the start of the film.

Alley (under Burrard Bridge)

Phone Booth

Ethan Hunt answers the phone to find his next mission while his companions wait in the van.

Prague Castle


Ethan Hunt infiltrates the Kremlin to steal some documents with Benji's assistance. See them filming here.


Sokolovská & Prvního pluku

Pickup Spot

Hunt is picked up after escaping the hospital.

Mánes Bridge

Russian Bridge

Russian bridge from which the IMF car falls. Watch them filming the scene on YouTube.


Road near Nas Accommodation

Road into Dubai

The team drives into Dubai.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa

The team attempts to intercept a meeting between Sabine Moreau and the terrorists. Ethan Hunt climbs on the outside of this building while trying to get to the server room. A video of filming on the side of the building can be seen here.


Meydan Bridge

End of Chase

The sandstorm ends and Hunt realizes he has lost is prey.


Jumeirah Zabeel Saray

Brij Nath's Palace

The team visits Brij Nath's palace in India to steal the codes to and take control of his communications satellite. Filmed shortly before the hotel's grand opening.

10851 Shellbridge Way

Sun Networks

Hendricks heads to a network provider to connect to the satellite. See some more photos from the set.

Vancouver Convention Centre

Indian Street

Ethan Hunt chases Hendricks through a crowded street. The vertical car park in the background was digitally added. Watch Vancouver transformed into India.

Granville Island Public Market

Pier 47

The team meets up in Seattle at the end of the film. See photos from the shooting.