Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation Filming Locations

Because the IMF is disbanded by Congress, Ethan Hunt and his team must hunt down the Syndicate while on the run from the government.

Part of the Mission: Impossible series

See also: I, II, III, Ghost Protocol, & Fallout.

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation was filmed in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Marrakesh & Casablanca in Morocco, Vienna in Austria, and London in United Kingdom.

RAF Wittering

Minsk Airfield

Ethan Hunt clings to the side of an airplane as it takes off.

Source: Wikipedia


Menara Kuala Lumpur

Transmitter Tower

Luther Stickell breaks into a transmitter tower so Benji can use it to hack into the plane.

Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus

Ethan Hunt emerges from the underground.

Mister Lasagna Piccadilly

The Vinyl Offer

Ethan Hunt goes into a record shop to report to the IMF.


Langleybury Mansion

Congressional Hearing

William Brandt talks to congress while Alan Hunley tries to dismantle the IMF. Later he returns and tell the committee about the capturing of Lane.

Great Windmill Street (between Archer & Shaftesbury)

Calling for Help

Hunt calls for help after escaping the Syndicate dungeon.

Two Kingdom Street

CIA Offices

Benji is put through a polygraph test to see if he still has contact with Ethan Hunt.


Karlsplatz (Vienna Underground)

Vienna Subway Station

Benji arrives near the opera and receives a package containing glasses from Ethan Hunt.


Wiener Staatsoper

Vienna Opera House

Hunt and Benji attempt to stop an assassination in Vienna.

Source: IMDb


Lothbury & Moorgate

Driving from Opera

Ethan searches Ilsa for hidden weapons while Benji drives them away from the opera house. Eventually the bad guys catch up with them and start shooting at their car.

Bartholomew Lane

Jumping from Car

Ilsa jumps out of the car and is picked up by Lane's people.


River Lea (near Three Mill Lane)

IMF Barge

Hunt and Benji go to a secret IMF stash on a barge to gear up for their upcoming mission.


Road near Oumnass

Road into Town

Hun and Benji drive into the town where Ilsa is hanging out.


Tigmi Marrakech

Casablanca Villa

Ethan and Benji track Ilsa down to Casablanca where she is practicing holding her breath in the pool and they go over a plan to recover the data from the power station.

Source: IMDb


Fawley Power Station

Morocco Power Station

The team breaks into a secure vault hidden under a power plant.

Source: IMDb


Kasbah of the Udayas

Chase down Stairs

Hunt follows Ilsa in his car down some stairs after she escapes with the drive.


Casablanca Square

Flipped Car

Ethan & Benji's car flips end over end during a chasing in Morocco.


A7 & Marrakech Highway Interchange

Highway Interchange

Ethan Hunt chases Ilsa onto the highway.

Highway Curves

Ilsa and Ethan Hunt go through several sharp curves during their chase.


A7 (bends)

Highway Bends

Ethan Hunts knocks one of Lane's goons off their motorcycle.


A7 (near overpass)

Highway Overpass

Ethan Hunt chases after Ilsa down the highway.

Westminster Bridge

Westminster Bridge

Isla walks across the bridge on her way to meet Atlee.


Thames Embankment (near Westminster Bridge)

Meeting Atlee

Ilsa meets her contact to hand over the flash drive.

Farmiloe Building

London Safe House

The team plans to recover Benji in an abandoned warehouse.


Brompton Cemetery

Cemetery Meeting

Ilsa meets Lane at a cemetery only to learn the flash drive is now empty.


King's Cross Station

Train Station

Ilsa meets with the team at the train station while Lane kidnaps Benji.


ExCel London Event Hall

Parking Garage

Hunt, Brandt, and Stickell chase after the van that is taking away Benji.

Source: IMDb

10 Downing Street

10 Downing Street

The Prime Minister gives a media address.

St. John Street & St. John's Lane

Brandt calls Hunley

William Brandt calls Alan Hunley to report on Ethan Hunt's actions.


Blenheim Palace


Alan Hunley meets with the Prime Minister to warn him about Ethan Hunt.

Source: IMDb

Tower Embankment

Bomb Cafe

Hunt meets Ilsa and a bomb-strapped Benji at a crowded cafe on the river.

Bell Yard

Chase Through Streets

Ethan & Ilsa run through the streets of London after escaping the cafe.

Brick Court (Middle Temple)

Seeing Car

Hunt and Ilsa are running down the street and duck into a tunnel when a car cuts into their path.

Pump Court (Middle Temple)

Fighting in Courtyard

Ilsa and Ethan Hunt fights off a group of goons when a car cuts off their retreat.

Fountain Court (Middle Temple)

Hopping over Car

Isla and Ethan slider over a car that is blocking their way.

Elm Court (Middle Temple)

Foot Chase

Ethan & Ilsa get separated while running through London alleys.

Cloisters (Middle Temple)

Knife Fight

Ilsa defeats one of Lane's goons in a knife fight.


Austin Friars

Seeing Lane

Ethan Hunt is running down a street when Lane gets out of his car and follows.


12 Throgmorton Avenue

End of Chase

Ethan Hunt leads Lane into the lobby and down into the hole where his team has set their trap.