The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Filming Locations

A young, unassuming Hobbit is forced into a dangerous mission to destroy a powerful artifact while being hunted by the forces of evil.

Part of the Middle Earth saga

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring was filmed in Queenstown, Wellington, & Auckland in New Zealand.

Hobbiton as Hobbiton

At the start of the film, Gandalf arrives at Hobbiton, Bilbo has his birthday party, Gandalf gives the ring into Frodo's keeping, and then he convinces Frodo to leave on the adventure.

Deer Park Heights as Minas Tirith Overlook

Gandalf rides over a hill and sees Minas Tirith looming in the distance.

Source: Location Guidebook

Otaki Gorge Road as Edge of the Shire

Gandalf leads Frodo and Sam from Hobbiton at the start of their journey. Exact location is on an unknown private farm off the road.

Source: Location Guidebook

Canaan Downs as Shire Outskirts

Frodo and Sam walk out of the Shire, and later the Hobbits are led away from Bree by Aragorn.

Source: Location Guidebook

Mount Victoria Park as Road to Bree

The Hobbits fall down a hill, discover mushrooms, hide from the Nazgûl, and flee to the ferry.

Source: Location Guidebook

Dan's Paddock as Edge of Isengard

Gandalf rides through the woods just outside the walls of Isengard.

Source: Location Guidebook

Harcourt Park as Isengard Gardens

Gandalf travels to Isengard to meet with Saruman about the ring. Later in the film, Saruman's orcs tear down trees in the gardens.

Source: Location Guidebook

Ohakune as Buckleberry Ferry

The four Hobbits quickly cross the Brandywine River on this ferry while being pursued by the Black Riders. Exact location unknown.

Source: DVD Commentary - Director & Writers

Field near Te Anau as East-West Road

The Hobbits insist on having a second breakfast in the snow but Aragorn forces them to continue traveling. Exact location not confirmed.

Hilltop near Port Waikato as Weathertop

The Hobbits rest in the ruins of this old watchtower and are attacked by the Ring Wraiths while Aragorn is away.

Source: Appendices - New Zealand as Middle-earth

Scene 17 Vineyard as Great East Road

Arwen rides with the waning Frodo towards Rivendell while being chased by the Black Riders. Filming took place on both sides of the road.

Source: Location Guidebook

Kaitoke Regional Park as Rivendell

After being stabbed atop Weathertop, Frodo recuperates in Rivendell. A portion of the Rivendell structures were constructed in this wooded area beside the river, including a waterfall.

Source: Location Guidebook

Hill near Wanaka as Ruins on Hill

After leaving Rivendell, the Fellowship walks around the top of a hill covered in ruins.

Source: Location Guidebook

Jura Glacier as Slopes of Caradhras

The Fellowship treks up towards Caradhras in an attempt to cross the Misty Mountains unseen by Saruman's agents.

Source: Location Guidebook

Lake Alta as Dimrill Dale

After leaving the Mines of Moria, the Fellowship passes a lake and sees the forest of Lothlórien for the first time.

Source: Location Guidebook

Paradise as Lothlórien

The Fellowship walks through the outskirts of Lothlórien when they ambushed by the elves. Exact location within the forest is unknown.

Source: Location Guidebook

Fernside as Outside Lothlórien

Shore where the Fellowship receives their gifts from Galadriel before traveling down the Anduin river.

Source: Location Guidebook

Waiau River as Anduin River

The Fellowship boats down the Anduin River after departing Lothlórien.

Source: Location Guidebook

Paradise as Amon Hen

The Uruk-Hai attack the Fellowship on the slopes above Nen Hithoel where Pippin and Merry are captured and Boromir is killed. Exact filming location within the woods is unknown.

Source: Location Guidebook

Seven Mile Point as Amon Hen

After fleeing Boromir above Nen Hithoel, Frodo falls from the Seat of Seeing and makes his decision to leave the Fellowship.

Source: Location Guidebook

Whakapapa Skifield as Emyn Muil

At the very end of the film, Frodo & Sam walk down into the crags of Emyn Muil.

Source: DVD Commentary - Director & Writers