The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Filming Locations

A Hobbit named Bilbo joins up with a gaggle of dwarves and they head off on an adventure.

Part of the Middle Earth saga

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was filmed in Queenstown in New Zealand.

Mararoa Saddle as Thorin on Hilltop

Thorin leads a group of through the wilderness after the destruction of Erebor.

Source: Location Guidebook

Hobbiton as Hobbiton

Bilbo is approached by Gandalf on the front step of Bag End to go on an adventure. When he finally decides to go, he runs through Hobbiton in order to catch up with the dwarves.

Ohutu Station as Outskirts of Hobbiton

Bilbo joins the Company late as they ride their ponies out of Hobbiton at the start of their adventure.

Source: Production Video #6

Canaan Downs as Shire Outskirts

Thorin's Company travels out of the Shire on the road to the Trollshaw forest.

Source: Production Video #5

Mangaotaki Valley as Trollshaw Forest

Bilbo and the dwarves travel into this forest on their way to Rivendell and encounter a group of trolls.

Source: Production Video #5

Strath Taieri as Lonelands

The members of Thorin's Company are chased from the Trollshaw Forest and evade the wargs for a time amongst the rocks.

Source: Production Video #6

Braemar Station as Lonelands

Thorin's Company is chased through the countryside by orcs on wargs and eventually escape into a secret entrance to Rivendell.

Source: Production Video #6

Passburn Valley as Foothills of the Misty Mountains

Thorin's company travels through the countryside on their way to the Misty Mountains.

Earnslaw Burn as Misty Mountains

Thorin's Company travels up the slopes of the Misty Mountains after departing Rivendell.

Source: Production Video #6

Organ Pipes as Misty Mountains Peaks

After rescuing the company from Azog the eagles fly over a line of tall peaks during sunrise.

Source: Production Guidebook

Near Glenorchy as Wildlands

Exact location of the filming is unknown.

Source: Production Video #6