The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Filming Locations

The company travels through a sinister forest where they must escapes spiders and elves and rapids before they can continue on towards the Lonely Mountain.

Part of the Middle Earth saga

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug was filmed in Queenstown in New Zealand.

Te Anau Downs Station as Wildlands

The company runs through a field of flowers and over a stream on their way out of the Misty Mountains.

Source: Production Guidebook

Canaan Downs as Woods near Beorn's House

The dwarves run from a bear through the woods and across a field before escaping into Beorn's house.

Source: Appendices

Paradise Hillside as Beorn's Place

The company runs from a large bear and take safe refuge inside the house of Beorn the shape changer.

Source: Production Video #5

Passburn Valley as Wildlands Hilltop

The company rides over a hilltop on their way to Mirkwood after leaving Beorn's house.

Source: Location Guidebook

Te Anau Downs Station as Edge of Mirkwood

The Company enters Mirkwood through the Elven Gate and Gandalf rides off to the High Fells. Most of the scene was reshot in the studio, but some shots of the original location can still be seen.

Source: Appendices

Organ Pipes as High Fells

Gandalf climbs a perilous staircase up to the tomb of The Nine.

Source: Production Guidebook

Turoa Skifield as The Long Valley

The company searches for the location of the hidden door into the mountain which Bilbo eventually locates.

Source: Production Video #5