Movies Filmed at Ebell Club of Los Angeles

743 S Lucerne Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010, USA
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56 Fremont Place from Columbo and 5 other movies.
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637 South Lucerne Boulevard from Nightingales
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615 S Rossmore Ave from Clear and Present Danger
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Catch Me If You Can

Frank hires stewardesses in a scene set up at the Ebell Club.


The Ebell of Los Angeles

The gang meets up at the big "Non Holiday Specific Seasonal Dance" their school is hosing to avoid suspicion and two different couples have first moments together in episode 1x09 "Doomsday".

Mad Men

Roger's Daughter's Wedding

From episode 3x12 "The Grown-Ups".

The Buddy Holly Story

Apollo Theater (interior)

Source: IMDb

Cruel Intentions

Nursing Home

Where Annette volunteers.

Agent Carter

Spider Raymon's Nightclub

From episode 1x01 "Now Is Not the End".

Source: IMDb

Private School

School Dance

Source: IMDb

The Social Network

A Capella Concert

The a capella concert was filmed at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre.

The Artist

Auction House

Source: IMDb

Dynasty: The Reunion

Consortium Headquarters (interior)

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Air Force One


The President (Harrison Ford) gives a speech while in Russia, filmed at the Ebell Club.