The Muppets Filming Locations

While the auditorium of the Muppets Theatre was recreated and filmed in a studio, filming of the exterior and lobby were filmed on location in theatres around LA

The Muppets was filmed in Zürich in Switzerland and Los Angeles in United States of America.
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Greystone Mansion

Kermit's Mansion

Greystone Mansion was used to film the interiors of Kermits Mansion.


El Capitan Theatre

Muppets Theatre

the exterior of El Capitan Theatre was used as the exterior of the Muppet Theatre, most prominently in the final scene


Los Angeles Theatre


Kermit gives a speech on the staircase of the Los Angeles Theatre lobby.


Bonanza Casino

The Bonanzo Casino parking lot was used to film a scene with the Muppets

Source: KTVN 2 News


Google Zurich

Google Office

Scooter leaves the Google office through reception.