No Strings Attached Filming Locations

Adam and Emma become friends with benefits, but will it last or turn into something more?

No Strings Attached was filmed in Los Angeles & Santa Barbara in United States of America.
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Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)

Light Pole Statue

Adam and Emma play in the Light Pole Statue before she freaks out about being in a relationship.


Disney's Golden Oak Ranch

Camp Weehawken

Where Emma and Adam first talk at the beginning of the movie. The large barn is Golden Oak Hall.


The Beckett Mansion

Frat House

The frat party where Adam and Emma meet again.

Source: Seeing Stars


John Ferraro Building

Outdoor Market

Adam and his girlfriend run into Emma at this outdoor market.


Paramount Studios

Movie Studio

The movie studio where Adam works.


House of Pies


After Emma gets Adam back they have breakfast here before returning to her sister's wedding.


1146 Tower Road

Alvin's Mansion

The mansion where Adam's father lives.


Sherman Oaks Castle Park

Miniature Golf Course

Where Adam and Emma play mini golf on their date.


Bel-Air Bay Club


The interiors of Emma's sister's wedding were filmed here.


445 Prospect Square

Emily's Mom's Home

The location of the wake.


The W Hotel


Emma's hospital's Christmas party is held here.


Toast Bakery Cafe


Where Adam and Eli are having lunch when Emma shows up.


Burton Chace Park


The waterfront park where Adam and Emma are relaxing independently and Adam gets jealous of Emma's doctor friend.


The Four Seasons


The exterior of the hotel where Emma's sister's wedding is held.


Mountain View Cemetary


Where Emma's father's funeral is held.




The bar where Adam's friends work.


California Department of Transportation


Adam and Emma walk by the red and blue lights of this building on Valentine's day.




Where Adam's father and ex-girlfriend tell him and Emma that they want to have children.


UCLA General Clinical Research (UCLA)

Emma's Hospital

The hospital where Emma works. The courtyard and the entrance off Tiverton Avenue can both be seen in the movie.