Movies Filmed at Paramount Studios

5555 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA
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Hollywood Forever Cemetery from Columbo and 13 other movies.
395 m

591 North Irving Boulevard from NCIS: Los Angeles
439 m

Gower Car Wash from Runaways
657 m

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Movie Studio

The movie studio where Adam works.


From episode 5x04 "Fire Sale".

Star Trek: The Next Generation

San Francisco

From episode 1x11 "The Big Goodbye". From episode 6x01 "Time's Arrow: Part II".

Source: Memory Alpha


From episode 7x23 "Emergence".

Source: Memory Alpha

Star Trek

Newsreel Footage

From episode 2x25 "Bread and Circuses".

Source: Memory Alpha

NASA Building

From episode 2x29 "Assignment: Earth".

Source: Memory Alpha

Gary Seven's Office

From episode 2x29 "Assignment: Earth".

Source: Memory Alpha

Mulholland Dr.

where Wally has an audition


Paramount Studios