Stargate: Continuum Filming Locations

SG-1 finds themselves on a strange Earth without Teal’c or Vala after Ba’al alters the past to erase the Stargate program from existence.

Part of the Stargate series

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Stargate: Continuum was filmed in Vancouver in Canada and United States of America.

Applied Physics Laboratory Ice Station (APLIS)


SG-1 emerges from Earth's Stargate and has to trek across the snow.

Landmark Aviation (west building) (YVR)

Elmendorf A.F.B.

Daniel recovers from his injuries after being hurt in the arctic.


Esplanade East (between Lonsdale & St. Georges)


The bus carrying Carter back to the city drives past.



Daniel's Apartment

Daniel is dropped of at his place by a taxi.


2nd Street West & Lonsdale Avenue

Sam's Apartment

Carter is dropped off by a taxi outside her place.

5204 Chamberlayne Avenue

Cam's House

Mitchell is dropped off at his house.


Former Upstart Crow Books

Upstart Crow Books

Daniel walks into a bookstore and sees his own book being sold at a steep discount.


West 1st Street & Lonsdale Avenue

Carter's Car

Sam is out shopping when she sees a Goa'uld scout ship fly overhead.


Vancouver International Airport

Air Force Base

Mitchell prepares to take off in his F-15.


Potash Silo (Vancouver Wharves)

Time Travel Facility

The team gates to Ba'al time travel facility and only Mitchell manages to gate when Qetesh attacks.