Movies Filmed at Potash Silo

Part of Vancouver Wharves
1381 McKeen Ave, North Vancouver, BC V7P 2R1, Canada

Large cylinder on the grounds of Vancouver Wharves.

Nearby Locations
Sulfur Pits from Stargate SG-1 and 2 other movies.
296 m

Lions Gate Marina from iZombie
400 m

Pier from Legends of Tomorrow and 1 other movie.
425 m

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Silo on the Docks

Oliver fights with some guards and then interrogates Martin Somers inside a silo in episode 1x02 "Honor Thy Father".

Battlestar Galactica

Ragnar Station

Used for the large interior of Ragnar station in the miniseries.

Temple of Five

Appears as the interiors of the Temple of Five in episode 3x07 "A Measure of Salvation".

Dark Angel

Madame X's Lab

Lab where Madame X takes Tinga to experiment on her in episode 1x18 "Hit a Sista Back". Where Max and Zack try to break Tinga out in episode 1x19 "Meow".

Stargate: Continuum

Time Travel Facility

The team gates to Ba'al time travel facility and only Mitchell manages to gate when Qetesh attacks.