Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me Filming Locations

The events leading up to the fateful murder in the small Washington town of Twin Peaks.

Part of the Twin Peaks Collection

See also: Twin Peaks & The Return.

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me was filmed in Seattle, Everett, Snoqualmie, North Bend, & Fall City in United States of America.

South Fork Snoqualmie River (Olallie State Park)

Wind River

Teresa Banks's body floats down the river.

Black Lake

Leland puts Laura's body in the river.


Fall City Airport

Portland Private Airfield

Chet lands in Oregon and meets up with Sam and Gordon Cole.


Southeast Homestead Valley Road (between campground & Weeks Falls)

Driving to Deer Meadow

Chet and Sam drive down the highway and Chet describes the message hidden in the strange dance.


Southeast Homestead Valley Road Bridge

Driving to Deer Meadow

Chet and Sam continue to drive to the Deer Meadow Sheriff's Station.


Park Ranger's House (Olallie State Park)

Deer Meadow Sheriff Station

Chet and Sam visit the local sheriff's office and have a hard time getting any useful information about the death of Teresa Banks.

Fall City Bistro

Hap's Diner

Chet and Sam go to the local diner to ask the waitress Irene questions about Teresa Banks.

Former Park Street Trailer Park

Fat Trout Trailer Park

The agents go to the trailer park where Teresa Banks lived to get a look at her trailer.


Former Cabrini Hospital

Philidelphia FBI Office

Dale Cooper is meeting with Gordon Cole when they receive a strange and inexplicable visitor.

Southeast Reinig Road

Welcome to Twin Peaks Sign

The town sign is visible with a "One Year Later" chyron.


3316 Grand Avenue

Hayward House

Laura Palmer picks up Donna Hayward from her home and they head off to school.


34th Street & Grand Avenue

Street near Hayward Residence

Laura and Donna walk down the street to school and they see Bobby and his friend.


Snohomish High School

Twin Peaks High School

Laura spends some intimate time with James inside the school and then gets into a fight with Bobby out front.


708 33rd Street

Palmer House

Laura returns home and when she looks at her diary she finds pages missing.

Twede's Cafe

Double R Diner

Norma asks Shelly to help Laura out with the Meals on Wheels and Laura sees something ominous outside the cafe.

Fall City Roadhouse & Inn

The Roadhouse (exterior)

Laura walks up to the Roadhouse and gets approached by the Log Lady.


Southeast Reinig Road (between Meadowbrook & 396th)

Reckless Driving

Leland is driving with Laura behind a slow truck when another vehicle approaches them from behind and begins driving recklessly.


39701 Southeast Park Street

Mo's Motor

Leland gets spooked by the One Armed Man and has to pull into a nearby auto shop to calm down.

Mt. Si Motel

The Blue Diamond Motel

Leland arranges a meeting with Teresa Banks and two of her girlfriends only to find his own daughter waiting with Ronette Pulaski.


Olallie State Park

Woods outside Twin Peaks

Laura and Bobby get into trouble during a drug deal and later she returns to the woods with James.


4415 337th Place Southeast

Briggs Residence

Laura and Bobby make out in the basement.


Southeast Reinig Road & 396th Drive Southeast

Sparkwood & 21st

Laura jumps off James's bike when he stops at a stop light.