Twin Peaks Filming Locations

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Twin Peaks was filmed in Los Angeles, Everett, Snoqualmie, North Bend, & Fall City in United States of America.

North Fork Enterprises-Littlejohn

Dr. Jacoby's Home

Dr. Jacoby paints several shovels gold in his yard in episode 1x01 "Part 1". Dr. Jacoby sells his golden shovels on his program in episode 1x05 "Part 5".

Empty Field

Richard parks his truck in the woods and cleans the blood off the bumper in episode 1x06 "Part 6".


2037 Skyview Drive

Hasting's House

The police arrest Bill Hastings from his home after discovering his prints on a headless body in episode 1x01 "Part 1".


Four Aces Movie Ranch


Evil-Cooper comes back to the hotel room and finds Darya on the phone with someone and then he walks over to Chantal after killing Darya in episode 1x02 "Part 2".

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Fall City Roadhouse & Inn

The Roadhouse (exterior)

From episode 1x02 "Part 2".


708 33rd Street

Palmer House

Sarah Palmer sits at home watching animal videos in episode 1x02 "Part 2". Hawk visits Sarah Palmer to check in on her after her outburst at the store in episode 1x12 "Part 12". Sarah Palmer sits in her living room drinking and watching a wrestling loop in episode 1x13 "Part 13".


Soledad Canyon Road (between Bee Box Canyon & Crown Valley)

Coop's Crash

Evil!Cooper crashes his car on the side of the road in episode 1x03 "Part 3".

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Crowne Plaza Los Angeles—Commerce Casino

Silver Mustang Casino

Jade drops Dougie off at the casino and he manages to win a bunch of money at the slots in episode 1x03 "Part 3". The casino owners get Dougie out of the casino before he wins even more money at the slots in episode 1x04 "Part 4". Coop drops Dougie's family off at the casino and heads to the airport with the Mitchum brothers in episode 1x16 "Part 16".


37889 Lopez Lane

Addict's House

A young boy watches the criminals plant a bomb on Dougie Jones's car while his mother does drugs in episode 1x03 "Part 3". The young boy goes outside to look at the car while his mom is passed out and is scared back inside by the thieves in episode 1x05 "Part 5". The police recover the license plate of Dougie's car from the rooftop across the street in episode 1x06 "Part 6".


37890 Lopez Lane

Empty House

Cooper is swapped with Dougie Jones after spending the night with Jade in episode 1x03 "Part 3". A group of thieves attempt to steal Dougie's car causing it to explode in episode 1x05 "Part 5". The police investigate the bombing of Dougie's car in episode 1x06 "Part 6".


25140 Huston Street

Jones House

Dougie is dropped off at home by the limo driver and finds his wife is super angry about him being missing in episode 1x04 "Part 4". Janey-E drives Sonny Jim off to school and Dougie off to work in episode 1x05 "Part 5". Dougie is dropped off at home by two cops in episode 1x06 "Part 6". Janey-E spends a good night with Dougie in episode 1x10 "Part 10". Sonny Jim tries to get Dougie to play catch in episode 1x12 "Part 12". Movers deliver a new playground and car to the house courtesy of the Mitchum brothers in episode 1x13 "Part 13". Dougie hears Gordon Cole's name on TV and sticks a fork in an electrical socket in episode 1x15 "Part 15". Chantal and Hutch are staking out the house when they see the FBI show up in episode 1x16 "Part 16".


General William J. Fox Airfield


Gordon, Tammy, and Albert land and head out to the prison to see Evil!Cooper in episode 1x04 "Part 4".

Twede's Cafe

Double R Diner

Becky comes into the diner to drop off a delivery and chats with Shelly before heading off with Steven in episode 1x05 "Part 5". Miriam finishes her cherry pie and chats with Shelly and Heidi in episode 1x06 "Part 6". Someone comes into the diner looking for Vinnie in episode 1x07 "Part 7". Shelly gets a call from Becky who is angry about Steven. Later, Shelly, Becky, and Bobby have talk before a gunshot goes through the window in episode 1x11 "Part 11". Shelly gets a call from Becky and invites her to the diner for pie in episode 1x13 "Part 13". Big Ed goes over to the diner to win over Norma while she decides to sell her stake in the franchises in episode 1x15 "Part 15".


801 North Brand Boulevard

Lucky 7 Insurance

Janey-E drops Dougie off at work and he is helped upstairs by Phil Bisby in episode 1x05 "Part 5". Dougie gets picked up by a cop after loitering outside the office at night and the next day shows his boss the marked up reports in episode 1x06 "Part 6". Dougie is questioned by the police about his bombed car and then Ike attempts to kill him outside in episode 1x07 "Part 7". Dougie's boss Bushnell Mullins tells him to deliver the $30 million check to the Mitchum brothers in episode 1x11 "Part 11". Anthony panics when he sees the Mitchum brothers celebrating in the office with Dougie in episode 1x13 "Part 13".


Chaplin's North Bend Chevrolet

Car Dealership

Steven gets torn into for his shoddy resume in episode 1x05 "Part 5".


Garfield Car Wash

Car Wash

Jade mails the Great Northern key she found in her car in episode 1x05 "Part 5".

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Lake Balboa/Anthony C. Beilenson Park


Janey-E pays off Dougie's creditors and refuses to put up with their bullshit in episode 1x06 "Part 6".


Casey's Irish Pub

Max Von's Bar

Albert tracks Diana down in a Philadelphia bar in episode 1x06 "Part 6".


Southeast Park Street & Meadowbrook Way Southeast


A young boy is running across the crosswalk when he is hit and killed by Richard in episode 1x06 "Part 6".


Chili John's

Pop's Diner

From episode 1x08 "Part 8".

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Olallie State Park

Convenience Store

From episode 1x08 "Part 8".

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Tower Theatre


From episode 1x08 "Part 8". Andy finds himself in a strange realm and gets a message from the Fireman in episode 1x14 "Part 14".

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Hollywood Premiere Motel

Ike's Motel

Ike receives the assignment to kill Lorraine and Dougie in episode 1x06 "Part 6". The police track Ike the Spike down to a Vegas hotel in episode 1x09 "Part 9".

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DirtFish Rally School

Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department

Hawk gets a call from Margaret Lanterman and starts to go through old case files based on her tip in episode 1x01 "Part 1". Hawks goes over the old case files with Lucy and Andy in episode 1x03 "Part 3". Sheriff Truman returns to town and looks in on the project Hawk has been pursuing in episode 1x04 "Part 4". Sheriff Truman talks to his brother on the phone and gets a visit from his wife in episode 1x05 "Part 5". Doris Truman comes into the office to complain about her father's car in episode 1x06 "Part 6". The cops go over the documents Hawk found hidden in the stall door in episode 1x07 "Part 7". Lucy and Andy pick out a chair and Bobbie shows Hawk and the Sheriff how to open the cylinder left by his father in episode 1x09 "Part 9". Deputy Chad intercepts the incriminating letter outside the sheriff's department in episode 1x10 "Part 10". Shelly calls the office to warn them about Becky with a gun in episode 1x11 "Part 11". Sheriff Truman talks to Gordon Cole on the phone and later Deputy Chad is arrested by the other officers as they prepare to go up the mountain in episode 1x14 "Part 14". Hawk gets one final call from the Log Lady in episode 1x15 "Part 15".


The Prince

Santino's Restaurant

The Mitchum brothers take Dougie out to celebrate after not killing him in episode 1x11 "Part 11".

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43347 Southeast Mt. Si Road

Kids Playing

Three kids are playing catch in their yard when they see a bloody woman crawling out of the woods in episode 1x11 "Part 11".


112 West North Bend Way

Run Silent, Run Drapes

Dr. Jacoby is driving down the street when he sees one of his shovels in the window and he stops to talk with her in episode 1x13 "Part 13".


Woodley Avenue (between Victory & Burbank)


Cooper drives Janey-E and Sonny Jim downtown to the casino in episode 1x16 "Part 16".

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Towne Mobile Park

Fat Trout Trailer Park

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