“Scorpio” Filming Locations

Series: Flashpoint Season 1, Episode 1
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Flashpoint episode "Scorpio" was filmed in Toronto in Canada.
Show Map

Commerce Court as Commerce Court

Goran Tomasic takes a woman hostage in a public square after murdering his wife.

Commerce Court East as Jules's Rooftop

Jules heads up to a roof overlooking the courtyard but has to find her way around unexpected construction.

Commerce Court North as Ed's Rooftop

Ed takes up position on a rooftop overlooking the square.

Osgoode Station (Toronto Subway) as Osgoode Station

Goran Tomasic leaves his son and rides away on the subway.

Commerce Court West as Lobby

Goran Tomasic arrives downtown and confronts his wife where she works.

Lake Shore Boulevard East (between Jarvis & Sherbourne) as Driving under Highway

Jules and Ed go over the map of the scene to plan their sniper positions while heading towards downtown.

Lake Shore Boulevard East (between Freeland & Cooper) as More Driving

Ed and Jules continue driving to the crime scene.

Melinda Street & Jordan Street as Police Roadblock

The SRU team arrives at the police roadblock surrounding the square.

Gardiner Expressway as Highway

Sam is driven down the highway into town.

Lake Shore Boulevard East & Booth Avenue as Sam Arriving

Sam's car drives down the highway into town.