Movies Filmed at Gardiner Expressway

Gardiner Expressway, Toronto, ON M5J, Canada
Nearby Locations
Parking Garage (at 200 Queens Quay) from The Expanse and 1 other movie.
112 m

Le Germain Toronto Maple Leaf Square from Orphan Black
178 m

Ontario Square from The Handmaid's Tale
242 m

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Lifting Off

Jace and Clary life off from the highway while driving the vampire's stolen motorcycle in episode 1x03 "Dead Man's Party".

Orphan Black


Sarah and Art talk in the car on the way to the crime scene in episode 1x03 "Variation Under Nature". Sarah talks to Cosima on the phone in episode 1x06 "Variations Under Domestication". Dr. Leekie gives his offer to Cosima in his limo in episode 1x10 "Endless Forms Most Beautiful". Appears in 1 more episode.



Sam is driven down the highway into town in episode 1x01 "Scorpio".