“Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” Filming Locations

Arya continues her training, Jorah & Tyrion are captured by slavers, Jaime & Bronn attempt to rescue Myrcella, and Sansa is subject to some questionable writing choices by the showrunners.

Series: Game of Thrones Season 5, Episode 6
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Game of Thrones episode "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken" was filmed in Antrim in United Kingdom and Seville in Spain.
Show Map

Estate near Saintfield as Winterfell Godswood

Sansa is married to Ramsey.


Gardens at Alcázar de Sevilla as Water Gardens

Jaime attempts to rescue Myrcella from the attack by the Sand Snakes.


Mudéjar Palace as Under Water Gardens

Ellaria sends the Sand Snakes out to attack Myrcella.


Portstewart Strand as Road to Water Gardens

Jaime and Bronn follow a group of travelers heading to the Water Gardens.


Rocks in Murlough Bay as Slaver Boat Beach

Jorah and Tyrion are taken to where the slaver's boats are docked and Tyrion manages to talk them into going to Meereen.


Sheep Field in Murlough Bay as Above Slave Ship

Tyrion and Jorah are walking down the coast when they see a slave ship in the bay below.


River Outlet near Shane's Castle as Berries on Beach

Tyrion and Bronn share a meal and talk about their families while traveling up the coast.