“What's Going On?” Filming Locations

Series: Sense8 Season 1, Episode 4
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Sense8 episode "What's Going On?" was filmed in Nairobi in Kenya, Berlin in Germany, Chicago & San Francisco in United States of America, Seoul in South Korea, London in United Kingdom, Mumbai in India, and Mexico City in Mexico.

Jewish Museum Berlin as Holocaust Memorial [Berlin]

Felix and Wolfgang meet their fence at the holocaust memorial.


88 Hoehyeondong 2(i)-ga as Sun's Apartment [Seoul]

Sun cleans herself up after a night at the fight club and later practices in her gym.


Jacob-und-Wilhelm-Grimm-Zentrum (Humboldt University) as Library [Berlin]

Wolfgang and Felix talk with the diamond buyer.


Kibera Town Centre as Kibera Town Centre [Nairobi]

Capheus comes to the Van Damn in the morning and finds it surrounded by customers.


Schlesische Straße 39 as Locksmith Shop [Berlin]

Felix and Wolfgang return to the shop.


Calle Río Balsas 37 as Lito's Condo [Mexico City]

Dani, Hernando, and Lito share margaritas on the balcony.


SHOEPASSION.com as Shoe Store [Berlin]

Wolfgang and Felix spend some of their new money on shoes after their big heist.


Babulnath Temple as Temple [Mumbai]

Kala sees the protesters and sings "What's Up?" on the roof.


파샤 (Pasha) as Private Club [Seoul]

Sun breaks into a private club with a bit of help from Will and tracks down her brother.


Division 11 (Cook County Jail) as Jail [Chicago]

Will heads to the jail in an attempt to talk to Jonas.

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Primrose Hill as Park [London]

Riley listens to the song on a hilltop and is visited by Nomi.


Imperial Lofts as Will's Apartment [Chicago]

Will investigates Nomi over the internet.


Laguna Honda Hospital and Rehabilitation Center as St. Cecilia's Hospital (exterior) [San Francisco]

Amanita rolls Nomi into the hospital's lobby and gets her into a waiting cab barely ahead of security.

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Bryant Street (between 11th & Alameda) as In Taxi [San Francisco]

Amanita kisses and conforts Nomi after they escape in the taxi.


South Van Ness Avenue (between 12th & Plum) as Driving Away [San Francisco]

Nomi and Amanita ride away from the hospital in a taxi.


Bryant Street (between Alameda & 15th) as Escape in Taxi [San Francisco]

Amanita holds Nomi as they drive away in a taxi and Nomi has a vision of Riley in London.