“Natural Selection” Filming Locations

Sarah Manning arrives in back town only and is thrown into a world of intrigue when she sees someone who looks just like her kill herself.

Series: Orphan Black Season 1, Episode 1
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Orphan Black episode "Natural Selection" was filmed in Toronto in Canada.
Show Map

Unwin Avenue (between Regatta & Marina) as Sarah Deals With Katja

Sarah pulls over to the side of the road.

Toronto Union Station as Huxley Station

Sarah arrives back in Toronto and witnesses Beth Childs killer herself.

The Cameron House as Bobby's Bar

Sarah meets Felix in a bar after arriving in town.

32 Mariner Terrace as Beth Childs' Condo

Sarah searches the house of the woman she saw killed and begins to take over her life.

Cherry Beach Park as Beth's Running Video

Sarah watches a video of Beth during a run.

Berczy Park as Beth's Park Video

Sarah watches a video of Beth in a park with Paul.

Pinewood Studios Toronto as Shite Beach

Felix and Vic host a wake after Sarah fakes her death.

Empty Lot off Unwin Avenue as Across from the Wake

Sarah watches her own wake and then has an encounter with Katja Obinger who is shot.

507 King Street East as Police Station

Art brings Sarah (as Beth) to the police station to give testimony on the civilian shooting.

489 Queen Street West as Felix's Loft

Sarah visits her brother Felix in his loft.

McDougall Lane (south of Queen, west of Spadina) as Alley behind Felix's Loft

Art follows Sarah to Felix's loft and takes the cash out of her trunk.

Meridian Credit Union as CFID

Sarah goes to Beth's bank to con them into giving her Beth's account balance.