“Instinct” Filming Locations

Sarah gets her secret agent on: burying bodies, conning hotel clerks, and tracking down another one of her clones.

Series: Orphan Black Season 1, Episode 2
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Orphan Black episode "Instinct" was filmed in Toronto in Canada.
Show Map

Unwin Avenue (between Regatta & Marina) as Sarah Deals With Katja

Sarah talks to Cosima about Katja's death and starts to deal with the body.

Beaches Coin-Op Car Wash as Car Wash

Sarah washes out her car after disposing of Katja's body.

148 Morse Street as Mrs. S's House

Felix goes to visit Mrs. S to make sure she doesn't think that Sarah is dead.

Thompson Diner as Fung's Restaurant

Art and Sarah as Beth go over the details of the civilian shooting.

Thompson Hotel as Katja's Hotel

Sarah impersonates Katja at her hotel to get ahold of her briefcase.

Parking Garage (at 200 Queens Quay) as Parking Garage

Sarah breaks into Katja's briefcase and gets info on Alison.

Source: Torontoist

Major Mackenzie Drive East & Donald Cousins Parkway as Entrance to Bailey Downs

Sarah drives out to Alison's house and passes a sign leading into her neighborhood.

35 Harper Hill Road as Alison's House

Sarah goes to the address she found in Katja's briefcase and follows Alison leaving for her kids' soccer game.

Angus Glen Community Centre as Soccer Field

Sarah follows Alison to her kids' soccer practice and confronts her.

507 King Street East as Police Station

Sarah and Art leave the station to investigate a crime scene.