Movies Filmed at Cherry Beach Park

275 Unwin Avenue, Toronto, ON M5A 1A2, Canada

Situated on the southern edge of Toronto’s industrial Port Lands, Cherry Beach is a pleasant refuge away from the city with calm and warm water. Along the back of the beach are a thin stretch of woods housing the Martin Goodman Trail.

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Unwin Avenue (between Cherry & Regatta) from Mary Kills People
387 m

Cherry Street (between bridge & Unwin) from Mary Kills People
404 m

International Marine Passenger Terminal from Mary Kills People and 1 other movie.
436 m

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Orphan Black

Mrs. S Birdwatching

Sarah meets Mrs. S at a beach and talks about seeing Kira in episode 1x03 "Variation Under Nature".

Camper on Beach

Kira talks to Sarah over a video chat while parked at the beach in episode 2x05 "Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est".

Beth's Running Video

Sarah watches a video of Beth during a run in episode 1x01 "Natural Selection". She sees the video again during a flashback in episode 3x06 "Certain Agony of the Battlefield".

Mary Kills People


Mary meets with Ben on the beach and he tells her he's heading out of town on a case and then she joins Morgan's viking-style funeral in episode 1x06 "Morning Glory".


Nicole drops Naomi and Jess on a deserted island on the lake to force them to work things out in episode 2x04 "Ride or Die".


High & Dry Trailer Park

Jaye lives in her trailer down by the beach in episode 1x01 "Wax Lion".

Source: Torontoist

Star Trek: Discovery


Airiam rewatches a video of herself and her husband on their honeymoon just before the accident that claimed his life and left her in critical condition in episode 2x09 "Project Daedalus".

That's My DJ

Simon attends a Cherry Beach rave and sees Meagan partying there in episode 1x01 "Simon". Simon returns to the beach to DJ at the rave in episode 1x08 "Cherry Beach".