Movies Filmed at Cherry Beach Park

275 Unwin Avenue, Toronto, ON M5A 1A2, Canada

Situated on the southern edge of Toronto’s industrial Port Lands, Cherry Beach is a pleasant refuge away from the city with calm and warm water. Along the back of the beach are a thin stretch of woods housing the Martin Goodman Trail.

Nearby Locations
Unwin Avenue (between Cherry & Regatta) from Rookie Blue and 1 other movie.
387 m

Cherry Street (between bridge & Unwin) from Mary Kills People
404 m

International Marine Passenger Terminal from Rookie Blue and 2 other movies.
436 m

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Orphan Black

Mrs. S Birdwatching

Sarah meets Mrs. S at a beach and talks about seeing Kira in episode 1x03 “Variation Under Nature”.

Camper on Beach

Kira talks to Sarah over a video chat while parked at the beach in episode 2x05 “Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est”.

Beth's Running Video

Sarah watches a video of Beth during a run in episode 1x01 “Natural Selection”. She sees the video again during a flashback in episode 3x06 “Certain Agony of the Battlefield”.

Mary Kills People


Mary meets with Ben on the beach and he tells her he's heading out of town on a case and then she joins Morgan's viking-style funeral in episode 1x06 “Morning Glory”.


Nicole drops Naomi and Jess on a deserted island on the lake to force them to work things out in episode 2x04 “Ride or Die”.

That's My DJ

Simon attends a Cherry Beach rave and sees Meagan partying there in episode 1x01 “Simon”. Simon returns to the beach to DJ at the rave in episode 1x08 “Cherry Beach”.