“The Fix” Filming Locations

Reese gets close to a powerful fixer who is targeted as part of a cleanup.

Series: Person of Interest Season 1, Episode 6
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Person of Interest episode "The Fix" was filmed in New York in United States of America.
Show Map

Dry Dock 4 (Brooklyn Navy Yard) as Port Meeting

Zoe meets with a guy named Slip who sells her a gun and later she leads Mark Lawson to an ambush at the port.


Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House as Lt. Gilmore at Party (interior)

Reese follows Zoe to a party where she hands off the recovered sidearm to Lt. Gilmore.

Columbus Circle as Columbus Circle

Zoe meets with Samuel Douglas about the incriminating recording.


Greyshot Arch (Central Park) as Meeting Anthony Talbott

Zoe buys the incriminating recording form the blogger Anthony Talbott.


Manhattan Bridge Archway Plaza as Handoff in Underpass

Zoe hands over the recording only to have Samuel Douglas attempt to kill her.


The Michael F. Price Center for Genetic and Translational Medicine/Harold and Muriel Block Research Pavilion (Albert Einstein College of Medicine) as Virtanen Pharmaceuticals

Finch uses an investment to gain a tour of the Virtanen Pharmaceuticals building to help Zoe Morgan.


Gabriel's Bar & Restaurant as Zoe in Restaurant

Reese tracks Zoe down using her cell phone and they share a drink while discussing the danger.


Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House as Meeting Lt. Gilmore

Zoe meets with Lt. Gilmore to arrange for the police to ignore any alarms at Virtanen.


Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House as Breakfast with Robert Keller

Finch has breakfast with Robert Keller and tells the CEO that he will be destroying all of his wealth.