Movies Filmed at Columbus Circle

Columbus Circle, New York, NY, USA

A large traffic circle situated at the southwest corner of Central Park and was designed in 1857 as part of the original plan for the park and then named Grand Circle. At the center of the circle is a column installed in 1892 featuring a statue of Christopher Columbus, eventually leading to the circle's current name. For many official purposes, Columbus Circle is considered the center of the city. All highway distance markers to New York City are measured from the circle as well as the 25-mile radius for C-2 visas and the studio zone that determines how film crews compensated.

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Columbus Circle

Ben and Grace are out with Cal and Grace tells Ben about what has been going on with Olive in his absence in pilot episode.


Columbus Circle

Nathaniel spots Giselle walking with Robert and sends the Prince off in a different direction while Giselle enters the park.


Columbus Circle

Louis talks to a horse after his encounter with the ghost dog. After the ghosts are unleashed, people panic as the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man rampages down the street.