“Zero Day” Filming Locations

Something is wrong with the Machine. After ten days without a new number, the Machine finally gives the team the name of a reclusive CEO who holds the key to what the virus is doing.

Series: Person of Interest Season 2, Episode 21
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Person of Interest episode "Zero Day" was filmed in New York in United States of America.
Show Map

West 15th Street & 5th Avenue as Reese in Car

Reese listens to the police radio.


Meera Deli as Murder Scene

Reese approaches Carter while she is investigating the murder of several of Elias's people.


6th Avenue (between 40th & 41st) as Camera on Street

Finch looks up at a surveillance camera and asks the Machine what is wrong.


Central Road (between Hell Gate & Reilly) as Thornhill's Car Destroyed

Reese is waiting for Thornhill's car from the airport only to have it destroyed by a drone.

Washington Square Park as Washington Square Park

Root blackmails Finch to come with her using a threat against Grace.


423 West Street as Thornhill's Apartment

Reese goes to investigate Ernest Thornhill's apartment and encounters Shaw.


9 Washington Square North as Grace Hendricks's House

Grace waits for Root outside her house.


Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences as Park near Coffee Shop

Finch calls Nathan while walking through a park and sees him leaving a nearby coffee shop.


Think Coffee as Think Coffee

Nathan Ingram leaves a coffee shop and ignores a call from Finch.


1 West 3rd Street as Finch's Library

In a flashback Finch follows Nathan into a building which turns out to be the library.


6th Avenue (between 41st & 42nd) as Payphone Spotting

Finch and Root walk down the street and see all the payphones being guarded by Greer's people.


96 Clay Street as Carter's Raid

Carter acts on a tip regarding Beecher's killer and ends up shooting the suspect.

New York Public Library as New York Public Library

Root and Finch go to the superuser payphone at the library and are followed shortly thereafter by Reese and Shaw.