“God Mode” Filming Locations

Root takes Harold on a race against the clock to find the Machine before anyone else can take control.

Series: Person of Interest Season 2, Episode 22
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Person of Interest episode "God Mode" was filmed in New York in United States of America.
Show Map

New York Public Library as New York Public Library

The two teams use their new God Mode powers to defeat Greer's goons.


Omega Self Storage as Storage Facility

Reese and Shaw rescue a Number from a storage facility and then steal a new car.

The Mall (Central Park) as The Mall

Root walks with Finch to Bethesda Terrace in their search for Lawrence Szilard.

Bethesda Terrace (Central Park) as Bethesda Terrace

Finch and Root locate Lawrence Szilard and question him about the location of the Machine.


Holy Trinity Lutheran Church as Wedding Interrupted

Reese and Shaw very quickly prevent a murder at a wedding.


West of Sheep Meadow (Central Park) as Walking to Street

Shaw and Reese walk back to the street after the confrontation at Bethesda Terrace.


West 69th Street & Central Park West as Stealing Another Car

Reese and Shaw steal another car after leaving Central Park.


FDR Drive (between 20th & 23rd) as Crashed off Roadway

The Machine tells Shaw to drive their car through the barrier and off the road.


Metroport Helipad as Medevac Helipad

Reese and Shaw crash their car near a helipad and steal a medical helicopter.


Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant as Hanford Site 12X

Root and Finch arrive at the Hanford site where the Machine is hidden.


Pier 81 as Libertas Cruises

Finch goes to meet Nathan Ingram so they can go public about the Machine but the terminal is bombed by Northern Lights.

Bryant Park as Bryant Park

Reese and Finch talk about the future of the machine.