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Washington Square Park, 1 Washington Square N, New York, NY 10003, USA
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Washington Square is a famous Greenwich Village park originally created in 1826 as the Washington Military Parade Ground. In 1850 the land was turned into a proper park and in 1889 the arch was constructed to celebrate the centennial of George Washington's inauguration designed in the style of the Arc de Triomphe. The fountain in the middle of the park was built in 1852 and extensively renovated in 1934.

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Washington Square Park

Rachel spends a lot of time with her phone in Washington Square Park, be it taking photos with Brody or crying to Kurt in episode 4x01 "The New Rachel".

Person of Interest

Washington Square Park

Reese talks to Deacon Page about Theresa Whitaker and then spots her in the distance in episode 1x02 "Ghosts". Reese talks to Finch after finding out about Grace Hendricks in episode 1x22 "No Good Deed". Finch goes to the park to watch Grace as she leaves for the day and he receives a new Number from the Machine in episode 2x08 "Til Death". Appears in 2 more episodes.


Pigeons by Cops

A flock of pigeons fly by two mounted cops in response to Giselle's summons.


Washington Square Park

Sherlock summons Watson to the park to talk about the use of carrier pigeons in their current case in episode 2x01 "Step Nine".


Washington Square Park

Lenny Cohen is talking to another misbehaving one of the Doctor's employees when she gets a call about the fuckup in Seattle in episode 1x10 "Always Forward, Never Back".

Ghostbusters II

Washington Square Park

A giant ghost comes through the arch in the park.

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Washington Square Park

Jules Caffrey gives a press conference against Bull's advice in episode 1x19 "Bring It On".

The Mysteries of Laura

Washington Square Park

Billy heads to the park to find the junkie who has been robbing from the cancer fund in episode 2x02 "The Mystery of the Cure for Loneliness".

Broad City

Washington Square Park

From episode 1x09 "Apartment Hunters".


Washington Square Park