“Lady Killer” Filming Locations

The team investigates a man who appears to be stalking multiple women.

Series: Person of Interest Season 3, Episode 3
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Person of Interest episode "Lady Killer" was filmed in New York in United States of America.
Show Map

The Lake (Central Park) as The Lake

Shaw and Reese pretend to be on a date while watching Ian Murphy.


Loeb Boathouse (Central Park) as Loeb Boathouse

Shaw follows Ian Murphy after he changes into his hipster outfit.


497 Greenwich Street as Ian Murphy's Apartment

Reese searches Ian Murphy's apartment and finds the dossiers he keeps on various women.


Davis Hall (Lehman College) as Psychiatric Facility

Hersh reports to Control after an unsuccessful search for Root at a psychiatric hospital.


Carman Hall (Lehman College) as Stone Ridge Hospital

Root enacts a plan to escape as Hersch comes for her.


44th Avenue & 22nd Street as Carter on Phone

Carter talks to Finch on the phone after arresting someone.


Motivo as Blur Nightclub

Shaw, Carter, and Zoe Morgan dress up and go to a nightclub to investigate Ian Murphy.


Broadway (between 20th & 21st) as Walking Away

Carter walks down the street and is followed by Ian Murphy.


East 20th Street (between 5th & Broadway) as Bumping into Reese

Carter turns the corner and bumps into Reese and Fusco after leaving Ian Murphy.


66 Leonard Street as Bruce Wellington's Office

Zoe arranges a meeting with Bruce Wellington so the team can find evidence that Ian Murphy is Alexander's father.


Holy Name School as Essex Day School

Finch takes Ian Murphy to the school that his son is attending.


East 72nd Street & 5th Avenue as Stopping with Alexander

Ian Murphy stops by Central Park after kidnapping his son.


Conservatory Water (Central Park) as Conservatory Water

Ian Murphy talks to his son Alexander in the park while he waits for Carter to come pick him up.


Dive Bar as Bar

The girls go out drinking after their success.