“Nothing to Hide” Filming Locations

The team seeks to protect a data broker whose life is being torn apart by those his company has hurt.

Series: Person of Interest Season 3, Episode 2
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Person of Interest episode "Nothing to Hide" was filmed in New York in United States of America.
Show Map

East 60th Street & Park Avenue as Finch Crossing Street

Finch crosses the street while walking Bear.


Park Avenue (between 59th & 60th) as Following Finch

Shaw follows Finch while he is out walking Bear.


Calvary Cemetery as Cal Beecher's Grave

Carter visits Beecher's grave and talks to Alonzo Quinn.


The Cooper Union as Lifetrace (exterior)

Reese watches Wayne Kruger enter his company's offices and Shaw rides up in the elevator with him.


7 World Trade Center as Lifetrace (offices)

Shaw poses as an employee of the data mining company in order to keep an eye on Wayne Kruger.


Teamsters Local 804 as 8th Precinct (parking lot)

Carter talks on the phone in the parking lot while waiting for her new partner.


TAO Uptown as Anniversary Party

Reese and Shaw watch Wayne Kruger at his anniversary party where an incriminating video is played.


Borden Avenue & 29th Street as Pulling over Karen Mills

Carter pulls over Karen Mills and asks her about playing the video at the anniversary party.


Sun Building as Lifetrace (parking garage)

Reese follows Wayne Kruger down into the garage but Kruger manages to get away in his car.


Greenpoint Avenue & Railroad Avenue as Murder Scene

Carter arrives at a crime scene with her new partner who vomits after seeing the dead body.


Skillman Avenue (between 49th & Pearson) as Following Wayne Kruger

Reese follows Wayne Kruger's SUV which he loses control of.


Skillman Avenue & Austell Place/47th Ave as Wayne Kruger Crashes

Wayne Kruger's SUV crashes while Reese is following him.


Sofitel New York as Mayfield Hotel

Wayne Kruger goes to confront Stu Sommers and ends up getting killed by Peter Collier.


Park Avenue (between 59th & 60th) as Walking down Street

Shaw, Finch, and Reese talk about Peter Collier.