“RAM” Filming Locations

Before Finch recruited Reese, he works with an operative for hire on a case involving a white hat hacker who stumbled upon some vary dangerous code.

Series: Person of Interest Season 3, Episode 16
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Person of Interest episode "RAM" was filmed in New York in United States of America.
Show Map

Ann Street & Gold Street as Avenue D Crosswalk

Haley McNabb is chased down the street by a hired killer sent by her boss.


Edens / Ryders Alley (south of Gold, west of Fulton) as Avenue D Alley

Haley McNabb is trapped in an alley by the killer only to be saved by Rick Dillinger.


Tonic East as Bar

Rick Dillinger heads to a bar to talk with the Number's old friend Lester Strickland.


The Surrey as Daniel Casey's Hotel

Rick Dillinger watches Casey's hotel and sees Reese and Kara Stanton surveilling him also.


Brother Jimmy's BBQ as Restaurant

Reese, Kara Stanton, and Rick Dillinger all follow Daniel Casey to a restaurant where he meets with Ian Banks.


Queensboro Bridge Exit (between 61st & 62nd) as Daniel Casey Attacked

Rick Dillinger approaches Daniel Casey and they are both attacked by Reese and Kara Stanton.


East 76th Street (between Madison & Park) as Talking to Daniel Casey

Rick Dillinger pushes Daniel Casey against a wall and questions him.


135 East 57th Street as Interrogation Room

Kara and Reese interrogate one of Greer's men they captured.


East 29th Street & 3rd Avenue as Rick Dillinger listens to Bug

Rick Dillinger listens to the bug he planted in Finch's library.


East 76th Street & Madison Avenue as Daniel Casey Runs

Daniel Casey runs away from the library and calls Lester Strickland asking for his fake ID.


481 Van Brunt Street as Lester Strickland's Office

Kara Stanton holds Lester Strickland at gunpoint as he receives a call from Daniel Casey.


Fulton Street (between Gold & Cliff) as Street outside Library

Finch goes outside to his car to head after Daniel Casey.


499 Van Brunt Street as Dock behind Lester Strickland's Office

Daniel Casey is heading to his friends office when Reese intercepts him.

The Mall (Central Park) as The Mall

Finch attempts to stop Rick Dillinger from selling the laptop.


East Main Drive (Forest Park) as Central Park Road

Daniel Casey tries to sell the laptop to some Chinese buyers but the sale is interrupted by Shaw who kills everyone but on buyer who gets away.