“M.I.A.” Filming Locations

Root and Reese head to a strange small town upstate in search of Shaw while Fusco teams up with Dani Silva in search of a innocuous hitman.

Series: Person of Interest Season 4, Episode 13
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Person of Interest episode "M.I.A." was filmed in New York in United States of America.
Show Map

Ash Street & Hudson Terrace as Maple Overlook

Reese and Root look down on the town of Maple.


Park off Old Tappan Road as Maple Town Square

Reese and Root walk through a festival in downtown Maple.


The Peristyle (Prospect Park) as Park

Fusco watches Albert Weiss playing with his niece in a park and sees Dani Silva also watching Weiss.


Main Street & Orangeburg Road as Maple Intersection

Root and Reese drive through town on their way to the police department.


New Leaf Restaurant & Bar as Restaurant

Fusco heads to high tea with Dani Silva to keep an eye on Albert Weiss and stop him from taking out his target.


Greenpoint Avenue & Railroad Avenue as Meeting under Bridge

Finch gives Fusco information on a home owned secretly by Albert Weiss.


11 Marlborough Road as Albert Weiss's House

Dani investigates Albert Weiss's secret house in town and finds the tools needed to disappear a body in the basement.


Parkside Avenue (between Parade & St. Paul) as Payphone on Street

Root demands answers from the Machine after talking with Finch but the Machine just tells her to stop looking for Shaw.