“Guilty” Filming Locations

Finch is placed on a jury to investigate their latest number who appears to be involved in a potentially fatal case of jury tampering.

Series: Person of Interest Season 4, Episode 14
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Person of Interest episode "Guilty" was filmed in New York in United States of America.
Show Map

Chelsea Square Restaurant as Chelsea Square Restaurant

Finch and Reese eat in the diner and discuss putting others at risk.


New York State Supreme Court Building as Courthouse (exterior)

Finch talks to Emma Blake outside the courthouse.


Bronx County Courthouse as Courthouse (interior)

Finch attends jury duty at the behest of the machine.


Thomas Paine Park / Foley Square as Park by Courthouse

Finch follows Emma Blake though the park and clones her phone.


41-30 46th Street as Emma Blake's Apartment

Reese searches Emma's apartment for clues about her intentions.


37th Avenue & 31st Street as Street by Bar

Fusco calls Reese about the missing people he's investigating.


Dutch Kills Centraal as Restaurant Video

A video of the accused and the victim arguing is leaked during the trial.


Hotel Vetiver as Jury's Hotel

Finch and the rest of the jury are sequestered in a hotel where someone tries to kill Finch.


Holiday Inn Long Island City as Building across from Hotel

Reese communicates with Finch and keeps and eye on him.


Giovanni's as Italian Restaurant

Zoe calls Reese with information on the office of whoever is fixing the jury.


Manhattan Municipal Building as Office near Courthouse

Reese investigates an office across from the courthouse where the fixer was doing his research.